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gd_barnes 2009-04-09 04:29

Mini-drive for k=3010-3200 n=420259-600000
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]This is an informal mini-drive for k=3010-3200 and n=420259-600000 except for k=3045 and k=3135 and some small n-ranges already tested; 93 k's total.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Chris (Flatlander) started the effort for n=400K-500K and has sent me his sieved file with what is remaining to test. He had already tested some n-ranges within the file that he sent so there are some testing gaps within the posted files. Sieve depth is P=30T.[/FONT][/COLOR]

This drive will be mostly be run with manually reserved files only. We do want to make sure that we stay ahead of the 5000th place prime with this effort so if it looks like it will fall behind, we will load some ranges into a server.

Software: This drive requires using the manual LLR program. It can be downloaded from:

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]LLR - Double click on the green file icon, choose 'Test Input', key in your sieved file name, the name of the file that you would like it to write primes to, and line 1, and press OK. Primes will be in the file you specified and it will write an 'lresults.txt' file that shows details about the search.[/COLOR][/FONT]

If you elect to utilize more than 1 core just copy the files to a different folder. Each iteration of LLR MUST be in a separate folder.

IMPORTANT note: Please post your reservations, statuses, completions [B]and primes[/B] in this thread. Because this is completely outside of our usual drives, it is preferred that we don't mix the primes and results in with those threads.

Please post all results files in this thread or send them to me at: gbarnes017 at gmail dot com. As usual, all top-5000 primes should be reported with a project ID of 'NPLB'.

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]83 new primes found for k=3010-3200 mini-drive:[/COLOR][/FONT]
Prime found by
3181*2^599097-1 Sloth
3061*2^597939-1 Sloth
3189*2^594128-1 Sloth
3151*2^587141-1 Sloth
3131*2^586594-1 Sloth
3177*2^576110-1 gamer007
3167*2^573796-1 kar_bon
3101*2^573418-1 kar_bon
3143*2^573392-1 kar_bon
3173*2^571474-1 gamer007
3159*2^570172-1 Sloth
3029*2^569184-1 Sloth
3017*2^563744-1 Sloth
3025*2^561697-1 Sloth
3111*2^557495-1 Sloth
3167*2^555998-1 Sloth
3113*2^549324-1 Sloth
3199*2^546295-1 Sloth
3019*2^545149-1 Sloth
3199*2^544641-1 Sloth
3169*2^543829-1 Sloth
3129*2^543297-1 Sloth
3195*2^542917-1 Sloth
3035*2^533306-1 gd_barnes
3015*2^532433-1 gd_barnes
3047*2^531474-1 gd_barnes
3055*2^531405-1 kar_bon
3111*2^529335-1 gd_barnes
3143*2^529222-1 kar_bon
3015*2^528086-1 gd_barnes
3089*2^525108-1 gamer007
3065*2^525000-1 gamer007
3189*2^524796-1 gamer007
3123*2^522842-1 gamer007
3125*2^518126-1 gamer007
3017*2^517810-1 gamer007
3177*2^513073-1 gamer007
3085*2^511267-1 gamer007
3199*2^511003-1 gamer007
3133*2^504567-1 gamer007
3017*2^504374-1 gamer007
3053*2^498178-1 kar_bon
3177*2^497296-1 gamer007
3069*2^493815-1 gamer007
3147*2^492777-1 gamer007
3035*2^491994-1 kar_bon
3177*2^491485-1 kar_bon
3189*2^485363-1 kar_bon
3061*2^484337-1 kar_bon
3175*2^483315-1 gamer007
3157*2^482157-1 gamer007
3175*2^481131-1 kar_bon
3063*2^479028-1 gamer007
3075*2^478329-1 kar_bon
3019*2^477247-1 gamer007
3195*2^473205-1 gamer007
3063*2^471902-1 gamer007
3079*2^469177-1 kar_bon
3143*2^466642-1 gamer007
3021*2^464630-1 kar_bon
3063*2^464450-1 kar_bon
3021*2^464037-1 kar_bon
3033*2^464028-1 kar_bon
3071*2^464006-1 kar_bon
3177*2^460902-1 gamer007
3029*2^460132-1 gamer007
3031*2^457365-1 gamer007
3157*2^457345-1 gamer007
3165*2^454529-1 Mini-Geek
3027*2^454012-1 Mini-Geek
3117*2^450970-1 kar_bon
3189*2^449543-1 gamer007
3113*2^447680-1 gamer007
3155*2^445682-1 mdettweiler
3151*2^443471-1 mdettweiler
3125*2^442872-1 mdettweiler
3087*2^440644-1 mdettweiler
3021*2^439262-1 mdettweiler
3087*2^436797-1 mdettweiler
3127*2^434285-1 Svenie25
3023*2^433948-1 gamer007
3183*2^430554-1 gamer007
3141*2^423703-1 gamer007
[/code][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]13 Primes previously found by Chris:[/COLOR][/FONT]
n-range tested by Status # primes 96 found
580.0K-600.0K Sloth PRPnet complete 5
575.0K-580.0K gamer007 complete 1
573.0K-575.0K kar_bon complete 3
571.0K-573.0K gamer007 complete 1
561.0K-571.0K Sloth PRPnet complete 4
560.0K-561.0K gamer007 complete 0
555.0K-560.0K Sloth PRPnet complete 2
554.0K-555.0K RTHome complete 0
553.0K-554.0K Sloth PRPnet complete 0
550.0K-553.0K gamer007 complete 0
542.0K-550.0K Sloth PRPnet complete 7
540.0K-542.0K gamer007 complete 0
531.0K-540.0K gd_barnes PRPnet complete 4
530.0K-531.0K gamer007 complete 0
526.0K-530.0K gd_barnes PRPnet complete 3
524.0K-526.0K gamer007 complete 3
523.0K-524.0K grueny complete 0
517.0K-523.0K gamer007 complete 3
516.0K-517.0K Svenie25 complete 0
504.0K-516.0K gamer007 complete 5
502.0K-504.0K kar_bon complete 0
500.0K-502.0K mdettweiler complete 0
499.0K-500.0K gamer007 complete 0
498.0K-499.0K kar_bon complete 1
496.0K-498.0K gamer007 complete 1
495.0K-496.0K kar_bon complete 0
492.0K-495.0K gamer007 complete 2
491.0K-492.0K kar_bon complete 2
490.0K-491.0K gamer007 complete 0
489.0K-490.0K kar_bon complete 0
486.0K-489.0K gamer007 complete 0
484.0K-486.0K kar_bon complete 2
482.0K-484.0K gamer007 complete 2
480.0K-482.0K kar_bon complete 1
479.0K-480.0K gamer007 complete 1
478.0K-479.0K kar_bon complete 1
475.0K-478.0K gamer007 complete 1
474.0K-475.0K kar_bon complete 0
471.0K-474.0K gamer007 complete 2
469.0K-471.0K kar_bon complete 1
466.0K-469.0K gamer007 complete 1
464.0K-466.0K kar_bon complete 5
460.0K-464.0K gamer007 complete 2
458.0K-460.0K kar_bon complete 0
456.0K-458.0K gamer007 complete 2
454.0K-456.0K Mini-Geek complete 2
453.0K-454.0K kar_bon complete 0
451.0K-453.0K gamer007 complete 0
450.0K-451.0K kar_bon complete 1
447.0K-450.0K gamer007 complete 2
446.0K-447.0K MyDogBuster complete 0
436.0K-446.0K mdettweiler complete 6
434.0K-436.0K Svenie25 complete 1
433.0K-434.0K gamer007 complete 1
432.0K-433.0K PRPnet (G2000) complete* 0
431.0K-432.0K Svenie25 complete 0
430.4K-431.0K gamer007 complete 1
430.0K-430.4K Flatlander complete 0
429.0K-430.0K gamer007 complete 0
428.0K-429.0K PRPnet (G2000) complete* 0
426.0K-428.0K Svenie25 complete 0
425.4K-426.0K gamer007 complete 0
425.0K-425.4K Flatlander complete 0
421.7K-425.0K gamer007 complete 1
421.0K-421.7K Flatlander complete 0
420.2K-421.0K gamer007 complete 0
400.0K-420.2K Flatlander complete 13
All reserved! :smile: The drive is complete. Thanks to all who participated!

* Double-checked by gd_barnes.

There are no previously found primes above those which Chris already found.


gamer007 2009-04-09 05:01

I'll reserve:

There's a split in between, and most of the other files have 1K to go through. With the 2 files I get around what the other files should have. Hopefully no one minds. :smile:

EDIT: Since you say to post results files here, do you mean the 'lresults.txt' file? (Still a bit new here.)

gd_barnes 2009-04-09 05:03

[quote=gamer007;168575]I'll reserve:

There's a split in between, and most of the other files have 1K to go through. With the 2 files I get around what the files should have. Hoepfully no one minds. :)[/quote]

Wow, that was quick. :smile: You are correct and that works.

gd_barnes 2009-04-09 05:20

EDIT: Since you say to post results files here, do you mean the 'lresults.txt' file? (Still a bit new here.)[/quote]

That is correct...the lresults.txt file. You can either attach it to a post here or if they are too big for posting (small size restriction), you can Email them to me as shown in the 1st post here.


MyDogBuster 2009-04-09 06:01

[QUOTE](Still a bit new here.) [/QUOTE]

You seem to be picking things up quite nicely. Remember, help is only a post away.

gamer007 2009-04-09 06:44

[quote]3199*2^420259-1 is not prime. Res64: AC3E8CD0F9A00424 Time : 231.126 sec.
[B]The server refused your new result :
either someone else computed it already,
either the server is now configured to
work on other numbers.[/B]
3023*2^420260-1 is not prime. Res64: C0E0381B0324C976 Time : 248.951 sec.
[B]The server refused your new result :
either someone else computed it already,
either the server is now configured to
work on other numbers.[/B]

I just started the search since I had some work queued. Then I noticed this in the console. Is this normal?

mdettweiler 2009-04-09 07:09

[quote=gamer007;168589]I just started the search since I had some work queued. Then I noticed this in the console. Is this normal?[/quote]
Oh, it looks like you're running these through the LLRnet client. Since this is non-LLRNet work, you should run it through the manual LLR program instead--and you'll pick up about a 5% speed boost to boot (which is due to the LLRnet client being based on a slightly older version of LLR). :grin:

You can get LLR at the following links:

Windows (GUI): [URL][/URL]
Windows (command-line): [URL][/URL]
Linux (dynamically linked): [URL][/URL]
Linux (statically linked): [URL][/URL]
Mac OS X (Intel): [URL][/URL]

If you're running Windows, you probably want the GUI version. The command-line Windows version, as well as the Linux and Mac versions, run only from the command line, and thus can be slightly less user-friendly but are useful if you're using LLR as part of a script. (Of course, if you're running Linux or Mac you'll need to use the command-line version regardless since there isn't a GUI version available for those OSes.)

Assuming you're using the Windows GUI version, you can proceed as follows to run your range:

1. Download the program and extract it to a new folder.
2. Plop your file you downloaded from this thread in the same folder.
3. Run LLR.exe.
4. Choose "Input Data" from the Test menu.
5. In the dialog box that appears, enter the following information:
[U]Input file (from NewPGEN):[/U] [I](the name of the file you got from this thread)[/I]
[U]Output file:[/U] primes.txt
[U]Starting line number:[/U] 1
6. Now click OK. You should see LLR's console output some messages indicating that it's started the first test. If it doesn't, click Test>Continue. (If it's already running, "Continue" will show up as "Stop" instead, so if you're not sure if it's actually running, that will tell you.)

Minimizing the window will send it down to the system tray. The tray icon will show green when LLR is running, or red when it's idle (such as after it's finished its current range). Double-click on the icon to make it come back up again.

When your range is complete, zip up lresults.txt and either attach it to a post here reporting completion of your range, or, if it's too big to attach here, then simply post completion here and email it to Gary at the email address provided in the first post of this thread. After doing this, you'll want to either delete or rename lresults.txt so as to not get it mixed up with results from any further ranges.

If you need to stop the program, simply close it (using the close button, or Text>Exit, or right-clicking on the tray icon and choosing Exit). It will automatically save its current state and exit. It automatically saves its state every 30 minutes in case it's interrupted unexpectedly. (You can change how often it saves its state in Options>Preferences. I'm pretty sure the minimum is 10 minutes, which is what I have mine set to.)

There are a couple other handy little options you can configure, such as Options>Start at Bootup (which installs, or uninstalls if it's already installed, LLR as a system service set to run at bootup). Also, the Options>Preferences box contains some other options such as "Iterations between screen output"--for example, you may want to set that to 1000 iterations if you want more frequent status updates on screen.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Max :smile:

P.S.: Oh, I almost forgot to mention about how to run the Linux, Mac, and Windows CLI clients. Essentially it's the same as with the GUI, except that you need to run the program as "./llr -m" to get a menu which shows all of the GUI's options in a phone-menu like display. (That is, "press 1 for Test>Input Data" get the picture. :wink:) From the menu you can run Test>Continue to run the program, or exit the menu and run the program again as "./llr -d" to simply set it running on its current workload without displaying the menu. Simply running it as "./llr" is similar to with the -d option, except that its console output is silent (i.e. no onscreen progress updates).

P.P.S.: For a multicore system (regardless of OS), simply set up multiple directories containing separate copies of LLR, extract separate sieve files to each, and run them all individually.

P.P.P.S.: If you want to concatenate more than one file to run together on the same core, you can join two files together. However, make sure that they both have the same header line (the first line of the sieve file that looks like 4000000000000:M:1:2:258), and be sure to remove any additional such lines except the first one.

gamer007 2009-04-09 07:29

Thanks for your help, mdettweiler.

I knew I would mess up somewhere. Looks like it's running smoothly now. :smile:

MyDogBuster 2009-04-09 07:40

[QUOTE]I knew I would mess up somewhere. Looks like it's running smoothly now. :smile: [/QUOTE]

Don't feel bad. We all have gotten that message at one time or another.

gamer007 2009-04-09 21:53

If it's alright, I would like to reserve:


This would keep my Q6600 fully loaded with NPLB (Currently running PrimeGrid on 2 cores) :smile:

gd_barnes 2009-04-09 22:07

[quote=gamer007;168684]If it's alright, I would like to reserve:


This would keep my Q6600 fully loaded with NPLB (Currently running PrimeGrid on 2 cores) :smile:[/quote]

Not a problem. It's OK to reserve whatever you can complete in < about a month.

Just to confirm: Are you running on a Windows machine? If so, do you see the little green LLR square on the bottom right of your screen for each occurrence of LLR that is running? As Max stated, when that turns red, then the range is done.

I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not, although you probably figured it out already: It's best to run each occurrence of LLR from a separate directory (folder). As a general rule, that applies to any software that you would use for our project: LLRnet, manual LLR, sr(x)sieve, etc.


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