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lukerichards 2019-06-19 13:06

Fundraising request
Hi all,

Many of you may have seen the hype around the TV show Chernobyl recently. Well a number of years ago my then-girlfriend and I hosted for a few weeks two teenage girls who were in remission from cancer. They were brought up in the Chernobyl fallout region, where there is a very high incidence of cancer still to this day.

One of the girls we hosted has since been through a tumultuous time, including an abusive relationship, disability discrimination and now workplace bullying.

I won't give you all the hard sell - let's be honest, that's not why you come to a mathematical forum, but if you have the time, please take a look at this fundraising page.


Essentially she is being held to repay a 9100 Belarusian Ruble payment that her employer made for her training before they will let her leave, but she has PTSD from her relationship and depression and she desperately needs a new place to work.

I think the site accepts payments from around the world, but if you would like to donate and can't do so, please drop me a message.



ewmayer 2019-06-19 18:14

Luke - if there is an online message board for the show (I expect there are multiple such), that might be another good place to post your link. Best wishes for an eventual happy end for the unfortunate young lady!

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