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andi314 2003-08-27 08:04

New ECM-server available
I have set up a new ECM server !!

port: 8194
available composites: numbers of form 2^n+1 and 2^n-1

If there are any problems please contact me at

Statistics are now available under:


andi314 2003-08-31 08:22

:banana: Congratulation :banana:
to Martin Schroeder, aka McBryce !! He was the first who found a factor of a composite mersenne number on my server at

The factor is
M( 9504 )C: 2776202386436268283691901876771457 (34 digits)
found with B1=250000 and
sigma= -176653509

Will Edgington has been informed so this will show up in the next release of lowM.txt. The remaining 714 :shock: digit composite is now available in the ecm server. More helpers are welcome - smh has put together the following to make it easy to join:

[quote="smh"]I've put a zipfile (~800K) with the ecmclient and ecm.exe for various processors online [url=]here[/url]

Before you run ecmclient, put the right ecm.exe in the same folder and set the parameters in ecmclient.cfg[/quote]
if you need any help please contact me at

So now i'm interessted who will be the next one, who finds a factor of M(X) or P(X)..


smh 2003-08-31 10:10

Are the numbers on your server the [i]full[/i] M or P number or are they divided by known factors?

I ask because on a P4 (and probably other processors) prime95 is [b]much[/b] faster on M numbers, unless you can take advantage of a lot of known factors

andi314 2003-08-31 11:22

Most of the numbers are P(X) but there are also some M(X).
And all of this numbers aren't full numbers anymore, they are divided by known factors.


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