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eepiccolo 2003-04-23 16:20

GIMPS Teams and Recruiting, Listing Teams
This discussion started in another thread, but I figured I'd try moving it, so there would be a more appropriate subject line. 8)
[quote="QuintLeo"]For point of future reference - where *SHOULD* team recruitment happen?[/quote]
Well, it seems to me that the established rule of no recruiting in the Mersenne Forum is perfectly reasonable.
In another thread, Xyzzy suggested looking at the top 100 if you are looking for a team to join. I would suggest making a list of all the active GIMPS teams, and making it availble on the forum. It could be a locked sticky thread in the Lounge or something like that. And team leaders can e-mail or PM the moderator if they want their team added to the list.

Prime95 2003-04-23 16:55

How about another section titled "Team recruiting" or "Join a teams" or just plain "Teams"? For those not interested in joining a team, they simply browse just the Lounge, math, hardware, and server sections.

P.S. I thought the evil poll was a hoot.

Xyzzy 2003-04-23 18:29

Ok, sounds like a plan!

eepiccolo 2003-04-23 19:32

Woah, alrighty then. I guess I've been promoted! :D

Xyzzy 2003-04-23 22:47

As you will see, it ain't a promotion... :shock: :surprised: :D

BranMuffin 2003-04-24 08:50

Team Poll?
This makes me curious about how many of those listed in the top 100 are actually teams. Obviously the first 2 are, but how about the rest. Maybe we need to take another poll....

dswanson 2003-04-24 15:17

dswanson (#53) is not. Just a diligent scrounger of spare CPU cycles at work, plus a small monster (16 GHz equivalent) at home.

1 down, 99 to go...

QuintLeo 2003-04-27 07:12

I'm not in the top 100 - yet. Getting semi-close on the Factoring side, though.

And I'm NOT a team. Just have worked for a long time as a tech, been a DCer for years, and tend to accumulate parts that eventually aggrigate into machines.


wowbagger42 2003-04-28 01:31

S24590 is not a team. It's one individual's 6 home computers that have been running the program for a long, long time.

Also, despite its name, Team Siegert is barely a team. Over 90% of the 166 computers (actually, it was previously much more, but some of the computers didn't like the program) had the program personally installed by me or jobhoti.

It's really humbling to think, though, about the possible computing power of just the freshman class at any major university. Ten thousand students, most of whom have personal computers, most of which running at 2-3 GHz. It would be a matter of weeks to take down TPR from scratch.

trif 2003-04-28 03:24

[quote="wowbagger42"] It would be a matter of weeks to take down TPR from scratch.[/quote]

And I can say with confidence that TPR would love to see someone try. :)

BigRed 2003-04-29 16:30

No team here
I'm not a team either. I'm #23 in Top Producers and #25 in PrimeNet (have 2 boxes that I do Manual Checkin and Out with). Haven't made the Threat Report for over 5 months. I don't expect to be passed in the rankings for at least 6 months. I'll pick up some spots this summer (I'm a Unix Admin at a college) and might make mid-teens. I think I'll stabilize in the high teens.

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