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Primeinator 2008-05-01 06:22

Tabular Integration w/ 2 Nonlinear Terms
Tabular Integration has to be one of the greatest integration techniques in existence. However, as far as I knew (until the other day), you could only use it if one of your terms would go to zero (usually what you let equal to u, as you differentiate this to 0 and integrate dv as many times as you differentiated u). However, I came across a problem that used tabular integration on a problem that had two nonlinear terms. However, working this, you get different answers depending on what you let u and dv equal (the solutions manual indicated one of these was wrong). In light of this, what are the rules for what you let u and dv equal when you are using two nonlinear terms via tabular integration?

Examples of Linear Terms: x^3, 5x^2, (2x^2 + x -3) etc
Examples of non-linear terms: x^-2, ln(x^2 + 5), cos (x)...etc


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