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wildrabbitt 2016-11-15 18:11

linux novice needs guidance
Hi guys,

I've got one of these :


I'm trying to follow the guide here


Last time I tried I got stuck because the program cfdisk has to be downloaded
somewhere so it ended up on the internal HD thus I had trouble using it to partition the HD.

I thought that what I need to do is run cfdisk from a USB flash drive.

I've downloaded cfdisk but I don't know how to copy it over to the flash drive because I don't know where it is on the HD.

Can someone make an expert guess?

paulunderwood 2016-11-15 18:19

You can try [c]locate cfdisk[/c]. Failing that try [c]find / -name cfdisk*[/c].

However copying it over might not work, as there might be dependencies. :smile:

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