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shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 09:05

Transferring work to another system
My home system is terribly slow and I shall be buying a new system in a month or two.
The client is installed and testing a 10M digit no (Estimated end time is next year!!).
When I buy a new system, can I transfer the work to it from the old system? How?

dave_0273 2003-12-19 10:43

Yes, you can transfer your work to another system. Just copy the entire directory to the new computer. (Especially the pXXXXXX and qXXXXXX files as these are the ones that keep track as to where you are up to).

shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 10:48

Thank you dave_0273!

shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 12:06

By the way,
I have realized that I have taken up a task that is too much for my home system.
Can I stop testing the current number and take lighter tasks (So that somebody else can continue from where I left out)?

dave_0273 2003-12-19 12:20

If you don't want to work on the exponent that you are testing, unreserve it by going to advanced/unreserve exponent. Before you do though, make sure that you choose what you do want to do by going to test/primenet and selecting what you want to do. If it is a really slow computer, i would suggest factoring.

I currently have my P3 550Mhz working on factoring and it completes an exponent about one a week. The results are then sent back to primenet and the exponent is then handed out again to someone else to do the LL test.

If your computer is a bit faster than that, you may want to do double checks.

shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 12:26

Can you provide the links from where I can do the reserving/unreserving?
I have a P3 800, but I think for my home PC, Factoring is the best.
It keeps crashing every few days, so I want it to do tasks that don't take long.

What would happen to the 7 days work my system has done? Would it be wasted or somebody else would be able to work from where I left?


dave_0273 2003-12-19 12:34

To unreserve the exponent, just go up to prime95 menu bar, go to advanced then down to unreserve exponent. You may need to type the a password in to access the advanced menu. The password is 9876.

The work that you have done so far will be lost. There isn't really any way to transfer it to someone else.

Even if your system crashes every few days, it doesn't really matter as Prime95 saves its work quite often. So at most it usually would only lose about 15 minutes work. (15 minutes is what i think the default is before saving its work to the hard disk).

shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 13:33

Sorry for keeping on adding subquestions, but perhaps here is the last one:

Is there a way I can transfer my existing work from machine2 to Machine 1?
I have a system named "office" in my PrimeNet login which is fast.
The second system, named "home" is testing the >10M prime number.
Can I move the testing from my Home system to the office system (with all the files etc.)? How? And how to get a new number for my Home system?

I hope I could clearly express my query.


smh 2003-12-19 15:23

[quote]Is there a way I can transfer my existing work from machine2 to Machine 1?[/quote]


GP2 2003-12-19 18:14

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by shu_the_genius [/i]
[B]Is there a way I can transfer my existing work from machine2 to Machine 1?

Mostly you need to:

1) Copy all the lines of the worktodo.ini file on machine 2 to the worktodo.ini file of machine 1.

2) Copy any files named pXNNNNNN and qXNNNNNN (where X is a number or a capital letter, and the Ns are numbers) from machine 2 to machine 1. These files are in the same directory as worktodo.ini, and store your partially completed work for a particular exponent.

After you do this, machine 1 will keep working on what it's currently working on, doing the exponents in worktodo.ini one line at a time. When it reaches the exponent that you were doing on machine 2, it will read the pXNNNNNN file and start where the other machine left off, instead of restarting from zero.

On Windows, the directory where worktodo.ini is stored will usually be something like C:\Program Files\Prime95\

shu_the_genius 2003-12-19 18:23

Thanks, but how would machine 2 then work on something else?

Any way, I unreserved the exponent and have started working on lighter jobs.

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