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mdettweiler 2009-01-06 16:55

[quote=Mini-Geek;157205]Edit: ninja'd[/quote]
??? :confused:

Mini-Geek 2009-01-06 17:03

[quote=mdettweiler;157207]??? :confused:[/quote]
It means that someone posted the exact same thing before I did and I didn't know about it, making mine basically a useless double post. I suppose that in a context like this where two people are agreeing on something, it's not quite the same as it usually is (like answering a simple question).

mdettweiler 2009-01-06 17:33

David, the progress report for port 9000 seems to be frozen at two hours ago (8:00 A.M. Arizona time). :huh:

IronBits 2009-01-06 22:43

I missed a script :cry:
But, it's all better now :grin:

mdettweiler 2009-01-06 22:46

[quote=IronBits;157263]I missed a script :cry:
But, it's all better now :grin:[/quote]
Thanks--looks good now. :smile:

IronBits 2009-01-06 23:01

Now that I'm home, folks can crank it up a notch :smile:
For comparison, the 10 cores I have on it now are comprised from
4 cores from a Q9450 and
4 cores from a Q6600
2 cores from a E8500.

gd_barnes 2009-01-06 23:46

[quote=mdettweiler;157204]Hmm, I see what you're saying. And I can say that it would be nice not to have to continually worry about uploading new manual files for yet another team drive every time we reload the server. :smile:

But, how about this: we allow manual reservations, but not pre-posted; files would instead be available on request--sort of like what we did at the end of the 1st and 3rd Drives. That way, we can have manual reservations, yet essentially without any extra admin hassle than it would normally be to reload a server.

Max :smile:[/quote]

[quote=Mini-Geek;157205]I think at the very least, you should allow specific manual reservations, but I don't see a need to post files before they're requested. (i.e. don't bother posting manual files without a reservation, but allow manual reservations and send the file when someone does)
Edit: ninja'd[/quote]

I agree with this. I don't have time to edit the 1st post now but yes, we can allow manual reservations upon request.


IronBits 2009-01-07 05:37

Port 9000 looks like it can handle [B]double[/B] what it is now.
sockets start at 6, saw it go up to 10 once, then back down to 6 as it handles the connections flawlessly.
I'm very happy with this llrnet server performance under CentOS 64bit. :smile:

We have completed [B]44475[/B] so far, it has about double that left to go, so I wouldn't be surprised if we run out by morning.

IronBits 2009-01-07 07:17

We completed [B]56546[/B] in 16 hours :grin:

em99010pepe 2009-01-07 07:20

Better add more work.

IronBits 2009-01-07 08:29

[B]63,398[/B] total for all servers, a new record! :grin:


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