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VJS 2005-05-27 17:32

64-bit proth sieve possible???
I was just wondering if anyone out there was thinking about writing a new program like proth sieve, newpgen, etc...

It seems like there are always advancements with factoring and testing clients but not much when it comes to sieve.

Proth is a great program sieves multiple k's ranges of n. (Related to SoB, PSP, riesel, etc...)

But I would think there is room for improvement here.

Proth generally consumes <30MB of memory for SOB and PSP. (I've been told could use some optimization when it comes to memory issues, has alot of page faults...)

I'm just wondering if a new more optimised client is in the works, or has it been though about.

It could be more demanding on memory, cache, 64-bit???

I think a client optimised for 512K cache and higher memory amounts could be alot faster.

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