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remaker 2002-10-12 00:19

Bug report
When EXPLORER restarts due to a crash, the Prime 95 icon is lost

This is a trivial(ish) fix. Can Prime 95 get the fix? At least for shell 4.7 and later.

(When will Prime 95 become Prime 2000? or Prime XP? Or Prime .NET ? 8-) )

From a google search on the topic:

When the shell version is 4.7 or later, an explorer crash results in a
message being broadcast. The message is
RegisterWindowMessage('TaskbarCreated'). Look for it in your app's
DefaultHandler() method; if you receive it, restore your tray icon.

If you must also recover from an explorer crash in older Windows versions (basically Win95 or NT4 without the Windows Desktop Update), it gets more complicated. What I do is get the tray's window handle with
FindWindowEx(GetDesktopWindow, 0, 'Shell_TrayWnd', nil), then get its
process ID, and open a process handle on that process. I wait on that
handle in a thread, and if it is signaled (meaning the process died), I
wait for the tray to re-appear, restore the icon, and re-start the
WaitFor in the thread. Find an example in the source for one of my tray-
based PC Magazine utilities, umm... Reloader or AutoAct will do. Find
them at

Prime95 2002-10-12 01:22

What version of prime95 are you using. I tried to but in a fix for this in one of the later version 22 betas. I borrowed the code snipet from somewhere but it was near impossible to test on my winxp box.

smh 2002-10-12 18:45

[quote]....but it was near impossible to test on my winxp box.[/quote]

When i kill explorer (from task manager) and start a new task (explorer) my prime95 icon comes back into the systray.

Dunno if this is the same with an explorer crash though

PageFault 2002-10-17 01:27

I'm having a similar problem. With v21, I used firedaemon to handle the service on a multi - user box. I tried changing to v22.8, v22.9 and now v22.10. In the meantime, a bad scanner has partially hosed the box, causing crashes mainly in explorer. Now, on the user accounts, the client window pops up once logged on. Needless to say this box had to be de - primed for the time being.

I suspect part of this problem was allowing the client non administrator access to the system. v22.9 did cause the defrag problem but didn't do anything stupid. When I log in as administrator, ther problem doesn't appear.

Deamiter 2002-10-17 08:18

a similar problem... it was kind of bizar but one of the lab's boxes that I admin had firedaemon on it, and when a user would log on, the prime95 window would refresh every couple seconds making the computer unusable. It looked like there were 4 different versions of Firedaemon running (in task manager) and constantly sending startup commands or something. However, I haven't seen it on another box so I've ignored it until now. (however, short of a complete format, there's little I've tried in terms of reinstalling and changing settings).

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