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Prime95 2002-10-10 23:22

Registering domain names
Verisign sent me an email offering to renew the name for 3 years for $70. I follow the links to their web site and voila, its now $75.

I send them an email asking what's up and I get ignored.

So I did a quick check for other domain name registration services and stumble across this article:,aid,101729,00.asp

Conclusion: in my opinion Verisign is a sleazy outfit that does not deserve my business.

So.... anyone with recommendations or warnings on who I should use or not use?

adpowers 2002-10-10 23:44

My friend did some research a few years ago about the registrar with the best price/most freedom. When I was out to register my domain name, I trusted him and used the same company. At $10/year, I am very happy with [url][/url]. He has bought 6 domains from them and I have bought 3, I haven't had any problem with them. For what it's worth, they get "Andrew's Stamp of Approval" :).

Hope this helps,

Xyzzy 2002-10-11 00:10

I use Pair... It ain't the cheapest, but it is easy to manage and they are nice people...

Really, though... You should let me worry about the web page and domain names... :shock: :D

I'd rather have you coding 22.17 than worring about silly stuff... Hosting would be trivial, and then I could zone the forum to

Just a thought... :)

QuintLeo 2002-10-11 16:24

Varisign has ben slammed *in court* at least once, and are currently being sued by others, over "slamming" tactics.

I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw the Empire State Building.

Based on some research I've done, I'm planning to register my domain later this year or early next year through Go Daddy. The name is wierd, but the reports on reliability and quality of service have been VERY good - and the cost is competative with anyone.

They're also profitable, which is a GOOD sign for the long term....

xtreme2k 2002-10-11 17:42

Just be careful of some of the cheap ones. Some do NOT host the DNS for you, you need to have your own DNS server for those.

QuintLeo 2002-10-13 01:31

For me, hosting my own DNS wouldn't be a problem - I already have a BIND server running, would just have to add an entry or two.

For others, I can see where that could be a problem....

Prime95 2002-10-13 02:07

I've transferred to GoDaddy.

We're using Entropia's DNS so no problem there. There are also free DNS services available such as and

Lord_Humungous 2002-10-16 06:25

[quote="QuintLeo"]Go Daddy. The name is wierd, but the reports on reliability and quality of service have been VERY good - and the cost is competative with anyone.

Is there a 'head-to-head' review of registrars somewhere? I have a friend who just started looking for a domain name and I mentioned this thread to him.

QuintLeo 2002-10-17 16:11

I remember seeing a largish comparison of Name Registrars somewhere, but don't remember a URL offhand.


band80 2002-11-24 03:29

I agree that GoDaddy is the best registrar out there.

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