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jasong 2008-01-30 00:28

Thinking about buying a panda
I thought I had already started a thread here. Hopefully, it was really a Free-DC thread and I'm not cluttering Mersenne Forum. :)

Anyway, I'm thinking about buying a pda. It doesn't need to to be super-rich in features. Basically, I just want a jasong wikipedia that I can carry around with me.

I'm very much thinking about [url=]this one.[/url] It would be a little over $100 after taxes, and has about 20MB of usable space, which is a pretty good amount when all you're storing is text.

I'm very ignorant when it comes to pdas, so any helpful input would be appreciated.

99.94 2008-11-11 09:43

Me? I wouldn't.

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