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robert44444uk 2005-02-22 19:30

Moving out

It appears it is time to graduate from "fun stuff" but the thing is how? It seems to me there is a gentlemenly protocol here.

I think we need to be invited to another forum, maybe "prime sierpinski project" but we need to be invited as we would not like people to think we are stealing their valued members and resources. Or we could start a new forum in preparation for the Riesel exercise that Geoff and I are preparing the group for.

And then there is the question of moving all the messages out, rather than just starting again.

If anyone has an idea please post it, or even better move the threads to a nice new home.


Robert Smith

geoff 2005-02-23 00:01

If a new forum is created I think it is possible to just move this thread there, I think that is how some other projects started. I volunteer to be a moderator if needed.

results: 86354*5^53329+1 is prime.
releasing: 83936, 84284 (no primes for n <= 100,000).
reserving: 90056, 90676

robert44444uk 2005-02-23 23:45

Decision time
I think if Geoff can organise to set up a new forum with stickies right left and centre then this is the best solution. We should have at least two threads, Sierpinski and Riesel. Geoff you should send a private message to one of the organisers of the Mersenne site to arrange it.

Here are some results for the 110000-120000 range, apologies for duplications. I give up my reservations in this range.

No primes and highest tested:

110242 52766
110488 55772
110846 31969
111382 55774
111424 53896
111688 51102
113156 62153
117434 64335
118388 50885
118568 139237

One prime:

111502 134008
111994 30446
114158 45859
118450 41654

I reserve candidates in the 140000 to 150000 range.


Robert Smith

geoff 2005-02-25 00:39

New Forum
I have created the sticky reservation threads, so the forum is functional now. Please check your existing reservations and let me know if there are any mistakes.

Still needed are posts to explain to newcomers what the project is about, how to get started, etc.. If anyone can help with this then please do, otherwise I will get around to it in the next week.

What do you think is the best way to record the primes found so far? I will keep the text files at [url][/url] and [url][/url] updated for now, but maybe a results thread would be better?

Any other suggestions for the forum, let me know.

masser 2005-02-26 18:52

129028*5^32462+1 is prime!

geoff 2005-04-18 03:37

Congratulations masser, this prime made it into the top 5000:
[quote=masser (in the reservations thread)]
Found the following prime: 76246*5^83568+1

masser 2005-05-24 15:25

128896*5^89436+1 is prime!

axn 2005-05-28 07:53

159106*5^89982+1 is prime!!

ValerieVonck 2005-06-03 18:27

53858*5^33760-1 is prime! 23602 digits

Footmaster 2005-06-06 08:03

98288*5^42133+1 is Prime!

Footmaster 2005-06-07 07:29

77908*5^47338+1 is Prime!

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