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nitro 2003-12-10 16:12

Release of Exponents
Following the arbitrary decision of "the powers that be" to summarily block without any notice/warning/discussion the manual tests check in page on the primenet server, I'm quitting the project.

60-62m is complete up to 60 bits, 62-66m is complete to 59 bits, 66-69 is complete up to 58 bits.

I've deleted the 990kb results file from 66-66.5 up to 60 bits.

I wish you all well in the future.

garo 2003-12-11 03:12

Please reconsider since the manual testing pages are open again now.

antiroach 2003-12-11 05:47

i dont see the big problem with this. The manual check in didnt really work well for me because when i tried submitting 1 meg result files it would just die on me so I just ended up emailing a zipped version of the results to george. Took all of about 30 seconds to write up the email and add the attachment. Don't quit, you've been a great asset to this project and we hope you can come back and help us some more :)

garo 2004-01-02 06:41

Since nitro has not changed his mind, I am forced to release 62-66M for further testing. This range is done to 59 bits with a few exceptions that are done to 58 to 60 bits. With this, no ranges are assigned to nitro any more.

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