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LaurV 2018-12-14 03:18

Should I buy lottery tickets today?
A random pick (tested with pfgw):

27923*2^223585+1 is 3-PRP! (33.1761s+0.0010s)

(we don't think this is known, because the Sierpinski search stopped at n=158625 for this k, but also, it is of no importance, being quite small)

(and it is not exactly a random pick either, we were just playing with the Extended Sierpinski Problem with n>1, which is mostly double checking other people's work - for this particular k and few others, we decided to go a bit further than the known prime - we will be back about this "n>1" stuff, as we still have 2 (two) k's which refuse to give out primes, we are testing them to n=300k)

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