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tuckerkao 2022-06-23 18:13

[QUOTE=xilman;608276]Three porblems I suffer from with my tping is tranposition of two charactters, unwnated doubling of a key and ommission of a singel key.[/QUOTE]
Transpositions between 2 numerical digits will be the hardest to notice at times because the size of the exponent won't change a lot. Example: M[M]168266023[/M] and M[M]168626023[/M].

x10 the exponent, Prime95 won't run. 1/10 the exponent, they've all been tested.

tuckerkao 2022-07-02 01:19

[QUOTE=chalsall;606536]This is actually quite remarkable. You are actually a human.

I still don't understand your "upside". Clearly, you are working a "long game".[/QUOTE]
My upside is that if I project the timeline which I want to finish the specific sets of the works, I'll most likely to complete it before the due time.

[QUOTE=tuckerkao;605860]I plan to solo debut the M168.4M subrange around noon server time of July 4th, 2022 as the tier 2[SUP]77[/SUP] monopoly tycoon and ready for mass P-1. 1,630 exponents remain at 2[SUP]76[/SUP] with 51 days to go from now on.[/QUOTE]

Only 52 unfactored M168.4M exponents remaining at 2[SUP]76[/SUP], I originally projected to finish the entire subrange by around noon, July 4th 2022, so the final completion time will likely be really close. - [URL=""][/URL]. Fortunately, 2014 exponents are without a known factor for M168.4M, not too far away from the below-2000 goal. It was 2082 at Jan 1st 2022 - [URL=""][/URL].

My downside is that I don't work well when too many other users are active within the same subrange.

Uncwilly 2022-07-02 01:38

[QUOTE=tuckerkao;608855]My downside is that I don't work well when too many other users are active within the same subrange.[/QUOTE]So, if I start doing some random ECM in that range, you will leave it alone?

tuckerkao 2022-07-02 01:41

[QUOTE=Uncwilly;608857]So, if I start doing some random ECM in that range, you will leave it alone?[/QUOTE]
Yes, if it's after the noon of July 4th, 2022 server time and all the remaining 52 exponents finished because I'll then be moving to M168.5M.

I most prefer if Kriesel can run P-1 of those M168.4M exponents that already reached 2[SUP]77[/SUP].

Uncwilly 2022-07-02 02:30

[QUOTE=tuckerkao;608858]Yes, if it's after the noon of July 4th, 2022 server time and all the remaining 52 exponents finished because I'll then move to M168.5M.[/QUOTE]
Or I can do ECM in the 168.5 range.

tuckerkao 2022-07-03 18:35

Final time: At 18:04, July 3rd, 2022 server time, all unfactored M168.4M exponents have been trial factored up to at least 2[SUP]77[/SUP], only 17 hours and 56 minutes earlier from my original prediction - noon, July 4th, 2022.

[QUOTE=mathwiz;605149]No, it would be better for the GIMPS project if you worked at the current wavefront. You have repeatedly failed to provide mathematically valid evidence that your cherished 168M range is more likely to yield a Mersenne prime.[/QUOTE]
I like to have my own wavefront for the PRP-WR, it's okay if the crowds reach there 12 years later. I'm currently running the PRP test for M[M]168365623[/M].

M[M]168366823[/M] to M[M]168501023[/M] up to at least 2[SUP]77[/SUP]: 2 more to go -> M[M]168370547[/M] and M[M]168371207[/M].

M[M]168501023[/M] to M[M]168533983[/M] up to at least 2[SUP]76[/SUP]: Finished.

A solid column of exponents that are ready for PRP test - [URL=""][/URL]

tuckerkao 2022-07-08 00:42

Draw your conclusion after everything in that range have been TFed to the desired level, 2^78.
There are currently 1000 exponents which have been TFed to 2^74, about 1000 to 2^76. TFing them to 2^78 will find about 75-80 more factors.[/QUOTE]
Everything has been trial factored up to at least 2[SUP]77[/SUP], 2013 unfactored exponents remain at the moment, the F-PM1 below will likely be the keys to reach the final goal below 2000.

Given the pre-condition that all M168,4**,*23 are up to 2[SUP]79[/SUP] or higher, the chance that the remaining 1935 exponents return less than 20 total factors from 2[SUP]77[/SUP] to 2[SUP]78[/SUP] is somewhat likely although less than 50%.

New F-PM1: M[M]168470257[/M]

M[M]168411823[/M], M[M]168416123[/M], M[M]168459923[/M], M[M]168483023[/M], M[M]168489323[/M]

M108.9M still has 2001 unfactored candidates because some users like curtisc haven't done P-1 stage 2.

tuckerkao 2022-07-30 18:24

I got 1 new F-PM1 within M168.4M almost once every week.

M[M]168431453[/M] on July 30, 2022
M[M]168406837[/M] on July 23, 2022
M[M]168465883[/M] on July 15, 2022
M[M]168470257[/M] on July 07, 2022

2,010 unfactored M168.4M exponents remain as of now.

tuckerkao 2022-08-01 03:27

[QUOTE=Uncwilly;576690]Ok, let's teach you how to fish a little (learn how to estimate these numbers.)
So for the first step that I already did was to go to the work distribution map ([URL=""]here[/URL]) and see how many exponents in the range are status unknown (no factor and no completed primality test.)
That figure is [C]20627[/C].

Next step, let's see how many are at what bit depths. For the easy way we will go over to ([URL=""] [/URL]). We are going to be working with the larger number and then divide by 2 at the end.

15,895 are at 73 bits When those are take to 74 bits, about 1/74 (or more likely more like 1/80) will have a factor found. That is about 214.
That leaves 15681. Now we have to add the 466 that are already at 74 bits.
16,147 Take those to 75 bits and we will get about 215 factors. Add those already at 75 (182)
16,114 Take those to 76 bits, 212 factors, add those at 76 (4,058)
19,960 Take those to 77 bits, 259 factors, add those at 77 (15)
19,716 Take those to 78 bits, 252 factors, add those at 78 (16)
Glad I found this post with all the old records there, I had the significant improvement during the past year.

The figure of 20,627 dropped to 20,115 which is only 5 shy of reaching the lowest unfactored stats from M160M to M170M.

If a new user checks this graph, he/she may wondering what have been going on? [URL=""][/URL]

When observing the graph from M100M to M120M, there's a major irregularity going on - [URL=""][/URL]

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