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emily 2013-02-28 18:21

disk died, prime work lost forever? where to put prime? on SSD or HDD?
recently my SSD disk died :-( mprime was running on it. data recovery impossible... is prime work lost forever? should i unreserve the exponents manually or let the server do it itself?

i now got another SSD but I run prime on a HDD. how would you comment on running prime on an SSD and an HDD? what's better? i want to avoid writing too much on the SSD as it's also the swap area..

Dubslow 2013-02-28 18:45

Disk speed makes essentially no difference; checkpoints are written every half hour (excepting user interference), and most likely the OS caches those writes in memory anyways until shutdown or whenever it feels like flushing the cache.

(PS Prime95 can only make local backups so if the disk is non-recoverable, so is your work (unless you made off-disk backups). Please do unreserve it/them on PrimeNet, or add them to your current instance.)

garo 2013-02-28 19:41

Please see this: [url][/url]

You should set swappiness to 0 to reduce SSD writes. Remember SSDs have a finite life.

flashjh 2013-03-01 05:49

Didn't read the links, but from the same experience, I don't use SSDs for Prime95/mfakt*/CUDALucas/etc., because they write a lot to the drive. I had an SSD fail from such work. On the other hand, every hard drive[I] could[/I] fail, so you may have just gotten a bad drive.

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