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TheJudger 2005-03-12 18:50

stop client after an exponent has finished?

I'm wondering if it's possible to tell the prime-client (mprime 23.5 / 23.9 for linux)
to finish the current exponent and send result, unreserve other exponents assignet to this client (if there are some) and terminate?

cheesehead 2005-03-12 23:01

... without quitting GIMPS altogether, I presume you mean.

Else, the "Quit GIMPS" function does what you want, if I recall correctly.

TheJudger 2005-03-12 23:12

Yes, without exiting gimps.

I've a bounch of prime-instances on a NFS-volume shared to the crunching machines. Each prime-instance has it's own directory (prime01, prime02 and so on). The number of machine's changes quiet often, when it increases I can make new directories with a shell-script...
When I decide to let one machine do some prime-stuff it mounts the NFS-share and searches for an inactive prime-instance and starts in it's directory.

What I need is a nice way to clear a instance... OK, I can just delete the directory and 60days later the primenet server unreserves the exponent but that's isn't nice in my eyes.

cheesehead 2005-03-13 00:23

(BTW, I'm describing what I'd do in Prime95. I don't have experience with mprime and don't know the differences in interface.)

The following steps should do what you want, I think (but I'll bet you want them automated):

1. Manually unreserve all assignments in the worktodo file except the one currently in progress. 2. Delete all those (except the one) assignments from the worktodo file, once you've unreserved them. Do #2 only after #1 in case manual unreserving doesn't work (server down, manual results page screwy again, ...).

Or, alternatively, if feasible: Just assign only one exponent at a time to each prime-stuff-doing machine. Assign another only after completion and only if that machine is to continue.

wessels 2005-05-05 23:09

This may not work for you, but what I do is make
the worktodo.ini file un-writable.

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