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M0CZY 2021-07-07 15:26

Question about settings
In "Options>Resource Limits and Settings>network resources", there is a setting for adjusting the "Upload bandwidth limit", which by default is set to 0.25 Mbps.
What value should I enter to represent "no speed limit"?

kriesel 2021-07-07 15:39

[QUOTE=M0CZY;582774]In "Options>Resource Limits and Settings>network resources", ...
What value should I enter to represent "no speed limit"?[/QUOTE]
Sounds like you're asking about prime95, one of several GIMPS software packages. And a recent version of it, at least ~v30.3 that includes proof file generation and upload.
For effectively no limit at the application, enter any value above your network connection's nominal upload bandwidth. And note this may impact downloads, streaming, etc. during a proof upload. George recommends no more than 10% of upload bandwidth, in the readme file, to control interference with other network usage.

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