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OmbooHankvald 2005-07-09 20:47

I've already posted this in some of the other forums on this page but I'll put it here as well.

Basically, I've written guides to several projects. The mersenneforum-ones are located [URL=]here[/URL] .

Is my guide to 321 ok? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to hearing from you


paulunderwood 2005-07-10 14:23

I like your site -- succinct! We don't have a site yet -- coming soon, folks. :bounce:

Using linux llr is simple. Just type in "./llr -m" and you are presented with a command-line menu that is equivalent to the menus seen in the windoze version. Once you have set up the input files etc., you can subsequntly run just "./llr" to bypass the menus. ( I use /etc/rc.local to start llr -- llr starts automatically if the box is rebooted.)

OmbooHankvald 2005-07-13 17:08

Small desciptions
I've tried adding short descriptions of the projects [URL=]here[/URL] and once again I would ask if any of you would make sure I'm not writing something wrong :redface: . It's nothing big 'cause I'm focusing on making a site whereto people can say "look [URL=]here[/URL] if you are n00b".

Thanks again


Note: I'm posting this in several of the forums

paulunderwood 2005-07-13 21:03

[QUOTE]This is a bit like the projects searching for primes of the form k * 2n -1 except that k can only be 3, thereby boosting the speed of the process.[/QUOTE]
I am not sure this is true. k=3 is a real heavy number -- dense but primeful, hopefully...
[QUOTE]Last “positive” result: 3 * 2^1232255 -1 is prime (found on August 30th, 2004)[/QUOTE]
Wow, nearly a year :shock:

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