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Joe O 2010-09-13 01:31

SR5 PRPnet 4.0.4 Beta Server - Special Challenge!
[B]You must use PRP client 3.x.x or PRP client 4.x.x available [URL=""] here.[/URL] [/B]
[B]Use only machines you own, or have written permision to use. [/B]
We will not be responsible if you get into trouble.
This is always true, but needs to be emphasized now and again.
We will not sympathize with you if you break this rule, and in fact will void your scores.
You must act responsibly.

The primality program LLR is CPU intensive as is PFGW. You may force PRP to use either one, by removing or renaming the other. The newest LLR (3.8.4) is available [URL=""]here (use cLLR for Windows). [/URL]The newest PFGW (3.4.4) is available [URL=""]here.[/URL]
These programs will make your machine run [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]hot[/COLOR][/SIZE].
You should probably use a program to monitor temperatures and shut down if your machine gets too [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]hot[/COLOR][/SIZE]. You probably should not use a laptop or all-in-one machine. Please feel free to post any other warnings that I have forgotten.


Joe O 2010-10-06 13:38

I've updated the first post to point to the newest PFGW and LLR programs based on GWNUM v26.2.
While GWNUM v26.3 is supposed to be available soon, I've gotten tired of waiting for Godot.
Check out the known bugs in GWNUM v 26.2 to see if these PFGW and LLR versions are for you: [url][/url]

PFGW 3.4.2 based on GWNUM v26.4 is now available.

Lennart 2010-10-06 14:21

In prpclient.ini leave this empty if you like to use LLR.

// This is the name of the PFGW executable. On Windows, this needs to
// be the PFGW console application, not the GUI application.
// PFGW can be downloaded from [url][/url]
pfgwexe=./pfgw <- here it will use pfgw

pfgwexe= <- here it will use LLR


Joe O 2010-10-25 16:58

The SR5 PRPnet 3.35, 3.36, and 4.01 servers should not be affected by the move of the main server, so "Keep on Krunching!"

Joe O 2010-12-21 16:01

The SR5 PRPnet 4.04 server is not be affected by the upgrade of the main server, so "Keep on Krunching!"

In fact, PrimeGrid is hosting a [b][size=18]PRPNet Challenge![/size][/b]

Special thanks to Sysadm@Nbg for the [b][url=]PRPNet Challenge Stats[/url][/b]

NOTE: All PRPNet Challenges and Mini Challenges are informal and are NOT part of the PG Challenge Series. They are open to all users who enjoy a little PRPNeting. :) PRPNet work earns PSA credit.

For more information, please see [b][url=]this post.[/url][/b]

"Katch me if you Kan!" :smile:

SysadmAtNbg 2010-12-22 18:02

[QUOTE=Joe O;242908]Special thanks to Sysadm@Nbg for the [B][URL=""]PRPNet Challenge Stats[/URL][/B][/QUOTE]

Due to a hint of [email]Steve_Martin@SETI.USA[/email] I fixed an issue: crunchers new to the PRPNet port were not listed. Now the list is a little bit longer ...

feel free to report any further bugs and feature requests here or at [URL][/URL]

thommy 2010-12-25 20:45

k=53542 has fallen acording to the stats.

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