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apocalypse 2010-08-31 08:02

248M-252M Complete. 5419978 relations in the range, 5408212 unique. Uploading now.

Andi47 2010-09-01 20:06

[QUOTE=Andi47;227854]It seems that my run has crashed during my holiday:

206-207 is ~25% done
207-208 seems almost done.

I will upload what I have tonight or tomorrow evening.[/QUOTE]


206-207 (or ~25% of it because it has crashed): [url][/url]
207-208 (should be (almost?) complete): [url][/url]

fivemack 2010-09-01 20:22

207-208 appears complete; 206-207 is indeed 25% done.

I'll finish up 206-207 and 19.0-19.8, and start the linear algebra at the weekend.

chris2be8 2010-09-02 16:39

I think we can un-sticky this thread now.

Chris K

fivemack 2010-09-04 07:46

And they're off
15-252 is now fully sieved, msieve with target density 100 is poring through 47492098338 bytes of relations (407997768 relations, 318653904 unique)

fivemack 2010-09-04 14:59

[code]Sat Sep 4 14:53:53 2010 matrix is 19514425 x 19514673 (7528.6 MB) with weight 1925523041 (98.67/col)
Sat Sep 4 14:53:53 2010 sparse part has weight 1778442998 (91.13/col)
Sat Sep 4 14:59:46 2010 linear algebra at 0.0%, ETA 865h14m

linear algebra completed 22997 of 19514673 dimensions (0.1%, ETA 869h28m)

10131 nfsslave 20 0 8496m 8.3g 1048 R 343 70.3 609:04.83 msieve[/code]

Should be done in about five weeks

fivemack 2010-10-07 09:10

Unfortunately, the timing has not worked out perfectly: the linalg would finish on Saturday afternoon, but I am going to China for two weeks on Saturday morning and will turn the computers off. So expect factors on about 26 October.

fivemack 2010-10-27 21:27

[code]Wed Oct 27 12:00:11 2010 prp85 factor: 8022468609453611665082019221530953944163549137920344510245747854780835146671963776777
Wed Oct 27 12:00:11 2010 prp184 factor: 9688789919483838708810358343444188308059016146046561072836401903385375007156741636000015490808770627835181274383093018972359887003518258190829470483941361347766634033284584062134510727

(from the fifth dependency, at eight hours per sqrt)[/code]

About 835 wall-time hours on four cores of i7 to do the linear algebra.

Batalov 2010-10-27 22:31

Congrats! That was some heavy-lifting!

debrouxl 2010-10-28 08:05

Great, congratulations :smile:

wblipp 2010-11-06 11:36


Wow! This was a BIG project that I had not expected to see this year. had been advancing ECM on this most-limiting obstruction, but mostly in hope of finding a factor. The base 2801 isn't of interest outside of the OPN community, and the number strains resources. But in April Tom grabbed the bull by the horns and said "let's do it!" Nearly six months later, with huge contributions by dozens of people, it's finished.

Thanks, Tom, and all the other contributors. There are ways to push OPN proofs higher without specific factorizations, but the result is always a higher limit that is constrained by the same missing factorization. This factorization would have determined the limitation of all OPN proofs - all OPN researchers rejoice at this factorization.


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