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willy1 2004-03-15 23:36

Multi CPU installation using GUI client ?
I'm trying to set up a multi-CPU (4) installation under Windows, using the GUI client.

I initially ran the install program from the NFSNET folder using the GUI in 'visible' mode as documented.

I then created the processors/p1 thru processors/p3 folders, and copied and edited the config.txt files per the multi client instructions.

The problem starts when I need to start the 4 clients. Since the Gui needs a unique nfsGUI.ini file for each CPU, I copied the nfsGUI.exe to each px folder, started it, and ran the config on each one, pointing to the shared client folder and the unique px folder. I verified that each nfsGUI.ini file has the correct folder information.

When I start the GUI client from each folder, it always wants to use the information in the p0 folder. If I start the second or third client, it just bombs, most likely because of the lock file in the p0 folder.

What's the trick to get 4 clients running?


Jeff Gilchrist 2004-03-16 01:32

Hi Willy,

Right now the GUI only supports controlling one instance of the client running at a time. You will have to start the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th one manually I'm afraid (or create shortcuts).

I never took into account SMP support when I wrote the GUI so if it sees any nfsnet client running it will change the "Start" button into a "Stop" button and not allow you to launch the clients properly.

The GUI and client itself are completely seperate programs and the nfsnet client can run without the GUI at all (the GUI is just a monitoring app). The way to launch a 4 clients at the same time would be to open 4 command prompts and run the same nfsnetclient.exe from each (or create a shortcut to the nfsnetclient.exe and double click on it 4 times which will launch 4 seperate instances of the clients). The lock files will get the client to use the correct directories for data.

In the future, the GUI should support SMP machines but that might not be until the next major release.


willy1 2004-03-16 01:50

Thanks Jeff -

That's about the conclusion I came to.

I guess I'll have a bunch of DOS boxes lined up. No background or service mode, I gather?


Jeff Gilchrist 2004-03-17 21:19

Right, no service mode. Hopefully the next-gen client will support being installed as a service in Windows.

wblipp 2004-03-18 03:31

[QUOTE=willy1]I guess I'll have a bunch of DOS boxes lined up. No background or service mode, I gather?[/QUOTE]

If it's Win2K or WinXP you can get rid of the DOS Boxes by starting with the Task Scheduler. This tip in described in the
[URL=]ElevenSmooth Help[/URL]; I assume it would work for NFSNET, too.

Jeff Gilchrist 2004-03-18 13:19

Hmmm very interesting. The scheduled tasks I guess launch the app without a console so it runs in the "background".

That I guess allows people to run software with service-like abilities but does not need to contain any kind of service code.

Thanks wblipp.


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