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esqrkim 2010-03-29 04:11

Editing computer info in My Account
I am trying to correct the computer info in My Account, but there doesn't seem to be any way to edit or delete computers. Can you help?


cheesehead 2010-03-29 06:24

Re: deleting a computer

How much poking around the CPU (AKA "Computers") page, which I recommended earlier in another thread, did you do before you posted this?

Login at [URL][/URL]

Click on the "Computers" heading link on your summary page. It'll take you to


Beneath the table is a checkbox beside a button labeled "Drop checked CPUs". Did you try that, but it didn't work?

You have to check [I]both[/I] the box beside the computer you want to drop, in the column headed "Name", [U]and[/U] the checkbox under the table, to the left of the "Drop checked CPUs" button, [U]then[/U] click on the "Drop checked CPUs" button. (This two-checkbox requirement is to avoid accidental deletions.)

Did you try clicking on that button, but not after having checked the two boxes specified in the preceding paragraph?

Or were you unable to find your way to that page ([URL][/URL]), by clicking on the "Computers" heading link on your summary page, while you were logged in at [URL][/URL] ?

Perhaps my earlier "look around the CPUs page -- there's something for deleting" advice was too vague?

esqrkim 2010-03-30 06:41

Cheesehead, you sound a little sarcastic, but sarcasms sometimes don't come through too well in writing, so I'd appreciate it if you could hold off on unnecessary comments and just provide some useful information.

FYI, I decided to start a separate post becuase I did not want to steal the thread from the originator. I believe it's called courtesy.

Actually, your information was a little vague. I went into my account and could not get to the page you were describing. Whenever i click on the "Computer" link, the website just threw me back to a logon page. So, after going around the circle a few times, and seeing you didn't provide much info in the other thread, I decided to give someone else a try.

I'll follow through with your added informtion and see where I get. I'll keep you posted if you promise to be a little patient.

esqrkim 2010-03-30 06:47

1 Attachment(s)
I am back .... I followed through, but it takes me to the same logon page as shown in the attachment.

What am i missing here?

S485122 2010-03-30 11:49

Like Cheesehead said (not very explicitely) you must be logged on on the site (using your GIMPS user ID and password.) Since you receive a logon prompt that is not the case. Of course, logically, the site should not show the "My Account" and "My Team" menu items unless you are logged in. On the other hand, how could a site determine who wants to access "My CPU's" if that someone does not identify her or himself ?


cheesehead 2010-03-30 18:48

Also, your browser must accept cookies in order for you to login. (The login page ought to have that information added. But it's a fairly common requirement at every, or almost every, web site at which users can log in.)

As for my supposedly not having explicitly said eskrqim must be logged in: Note the second paragraph of post #2:

"Login at [URL][/URL]"

Not just "go to the login page at ..." with no instruction as to what to do when one arrived there, but the simple directive "Login at [URL][/URL]".

I did specifically direct esqrkim to log in.

- - -


I was not being sarcastic when I wrote post #2. (Perhaps that's why the supposed "sarcasm" didn't come across well!)

I was upset that you seemingly disregarded my previous advice (you made no mention of attempting to access the CPU/Computers page in your post #1), but also I was simply trying to be more explicit in order not to omit necessary instructions for your navigation.

I [I]asked[/I] you all those questions in post #2 so I could determine where you got lost! (You hadn't posted any account of what steps you had tried and what you hadn't, in post #1.)

I didn't make any unnecessary comments; every one I made was necessary for some part of (a) directing you to the proper place, and/or (b) determining what you had tried and what you hadn't tried, so I could provide better help. (Maybe you didn't see the reason for some of them, but I did have a reason for every one.) I did provide useful information.

If your post #1 had included the information that's in paragraph 3 of post #3, about what you had already tried, I wouldn't have needed to ask so many questions or make as many comments as I did in post #2. I would have had a much more specific idea of what had gone wrong, so I wouldn't have had to write a lot of stuff that you possibly might not have done.

I don't criticize you for having started a new thread; there are good reasons both for and against continuing what you perceived as "steal the thread from the originator".


If you had made your post in that other thread, where we'd both previously posted, I wouldn't have wondered so much whether you'd overlooked or ignored my previous advice. Referencing our previous posts in that thread would've been simpler. It would've been more obvious that your new post was intended to be a continuation of what we'd been discussing there.

OTOH, starting a new thread in order to continue a discussion you considered off-topic in the old thread was, indeed, courteous to the originator of the old thread. It would also have been courteous to have included, in this thread's original post, a link back to the other thread for easy reference.

esqrkim 2010-03-31 03:14

Thanks for the clarification Cheesehead.

I actually did log into my account and saw the "Computers" link. This is what I've been pressing when I kept getting sent back to the screenshot I uploaded.

Now, I do know that my browser is pretty strict about cookies. I will try turning off the firewall to see if that helps.


esqrkim 2010-03-31 03:25


The problem was the cookie blocker. I allowed cookies and now things are working like you're describing.

Thanks for the help.

cheesehead 2010-03-31 07:08

[quote=esqrkim;210132]The problem was the cookie blocker. I allowed cookies and now things are working like you're describing.[/quote]Often, browsers can allow a list of specific sites to set cookies; you don't have to turn cookies on or off for all sites just to get them from one site.

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