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Unregistered 2004-05-18 16:50

41st Mersenne Prime found?
Wow, this one seems to have come relatively quick.

liqi 2004-05-19 12:30

That`s great!!What is it?

Prime Monster 2004-05-19 12:49

Have a look in this thread (towards the end) [url][/url]

At the moment the numbers quoted here are "very educated guesses" - but still guesses. We will not know for sure until the number has been confirmed by George.


Unregistered 2004-05-21 10:05

now is the time to see if predictions were right :)

jinydu 2004-05-21 10:08

Not yet; it will take some time for the verifications to finish.

However, I just finished a test of a 20.32M exponent, my 21st LL test ever.

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