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PrimeCruncher 2004-05-16 19:58

[QUOTE=nitro]To be perfectly honest I don't give a flying f*** what you think about me. It's my name in the record books not yours.

As to your second point, you started this "I can't wait to work it out" BEFORE George made any confirmation or otherwise.

Guess we were just lucky you didn't work out the last "find" and blurt out some premature announcement aren't we.

By the way you can't "do what you want", when you download and use the software you agree to abide by certain conditions. Don't like them, take your time elsewhere, you won't be missed.[/QUOTE]

First off, why do I care if your name is in a record book? Your computer found a Mersenne prime. Big whoop. You didn't do the calculations and the assignment of exponents is pretty much random. It could've been someone else just as easily.

As to YOUR second point, I like a challenge. And I've been curious to see whether I'm up to the challenge. Looks like I am this go round.

Third point: As if. :rolleyes: I know the procedure around here, that's why the guess is encrypted. Duh.

Fourth: What software? You mean Prime95? I don't see how that factors into a data analysis.

Fifth: for this board and all others: obnoxious attitude not required.

TTn 2004-05-16 23:23

Hey I thought I was the obnoxious one!
Although the you've reminded me about those so called prize obligations.

A. These agreement terms are not legally binding.

B. Users dont always agree to GIMPS terms(decline), but use the software.

C.The source is easily manipulated anyway.
(I could alter a Prime95 version, for the person who has found the alleged prime. ) Do I get 10%? ...

D. How does George already know this is not a false positive, and its the real thing. My guess is that he is confident in the new error check, though I dont recall that being the case before.

Uncwilly 2004-05-16 23:31

My best understanding is that M41 should have an exponent in the 32,xxx,xxx range. This being the result of it being a certain size larger than M40. This would also require a month run on "big iron".

I think PrimeMonster is farming the area that is in the range above that, where M42 should lie. He has been working up there on TF, P-1, and L-L for quite some time.

I think that some fellow named Mike found M41. :grin:

ixfd64 2004-05-17 00:06

OMG! The third Mike in a row!!!

I wonder if I'll discover a Mersenne prime if I change my name to Mike...

PrimeCruncher 2004-05-17 00:13

[QUOTE=ixfd64]OMG! The third Mike in a row!!!

I wonder if I'll discover a Mersenne prime if I change my name to Mike...[/QUOTE]

Well, we don't know that the discoverer is named Mike yet...

Besides, the name probably has to be natural. :wink:

jinydu 2004-05-17 01:09

On the front page of [url][/url]

41st Known Mersenne Prime Reported!!


On May 15, 2004, a GIMPS computer reported finding the 41st known Mersenne Prime. Additional quick checks have shown this is nearly certainly a genuine report. However, to be rigorous, we must test the discovery on a different computer using different software. This will probably take a month. The actual number will be announced when that test completes.

He does seem confident that this is the real thing.

HINT: It wasn't me who found it. I'm ranked only #1910...

jinydu 2004-05-17 01:27

On the front page of Mathworld ([url][/url]):

41st Mersenne Prime Apparently Found
A computer participating in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search reported discovering the 41st known Mersenne Prime on the morning of May 15. Additional details will be posted here as they become available.

lycorn 2004-05-17 09:33


On May 15, 2004, a GIMPS computer reported finding the 41st known Mersenne Prime.[/QUOTE]

Note that it is stated "a GIMPS Computer", not necessarily a computer connected to Primenet (there some people checking out exponents and reporting results manually); so it may even not be in the Primenet reports... :sleep:
BTW, I´m in the Top 1000 :whistle: !

jinydu 2004-05-17 13:06

Aren't exponents reported manually added to the Primenet database?

tom11784 2004-05-17 13:54

IIRC the Perl errors on the manual submissions had started before this report of a potential M41, so I would think that means either it was sent directly to George, or it was submitted via PrimeNet...

edorajh 2004-05-17 13:58

That's really excellent news!!! It's relatively short time between last finding of Mersenne Prime. Who knows maybe there will be more discoveries this year.

:banana: :banana: :banana:

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