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Axel Fox 2004-06-21 11:02

Taking up new range.

since I am one of those people that likes to get everything factored to at least 60 bits, I would like to take over a range that is not there yet.

I noticed that S80780 took up a the range 35.2M to 36M almost a year ago and almost nothing is done yet (35258807-35889967 is still at 58 bits), I am going to work on this range.

Please reply to this thread if I am in error and S80780 is still working on this range, so I can drop it again and pick another available range.


MrHappy 2004-06-21 13:35

[QUOTE=S80780]Hi, LMHers!

The last two month and counting I haven't had internet-access.
Therefore, I didn't send in results. I sent George the results today. The exponents which were factored to 2^59 have nearly passed. No factors, so far.:cry:

S80780 was active on the board today and may well be still working on that range.
You might be stepping on his toes, Axel!
Please pick another range from [URL=] All Available Ranges[/URL].

MrHappy :smile:

[edit: link corrected]

garo 2004-06-21 14:35

Yes Axel. S80780 is still working on the range. He last reported progress on the 4th of June when he submitted some 300 results. Check the thread on 58 bit status to see progress. So please do NOT work on this range. You can help us out by doing 26.8 to 26.9 instead. It is rather urgently required to be taken up from 60 to 62 bits.

Axel Fox 2004-06-21 20:20

Oh, ok.

Sorry to have stepped on someone's toes, but that's why I posted this thread in the first place.

Thx for notifying me and I assume I can take the 26.8 to 26.9 up to 62 bits ?

MrHappy 2004-06-21 20:59

I'm sorry. Just some minutes before you posted Derek took that range
[URL=][/URL] ...
[B]26.8-26.9 to 62 bits.[/B]
I am taking this range. should be finished in about 2 weeks at the latest.[/QUOTE]
Please pick another range.

MrHappy. :smile:

Axel Fox 2004-06-22 01:56

Ok, got it.

I'll find something else to do then. :smile:

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