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Deamiter 2003-02-26 00:42

Last possible proth tested!
My Avalon just finished the final number on the index list a couple of weeks ago. Now don't get me wrong, doesn't mean we've got ALL the numbers done (by far). Just thought I'd boast that I did the LAST one. ;)

Slow forum in here...

wfgarnett3 2003-02-26 07:45

Hi Deamiter,

No, it doesn't mean you tested the last number. The whole input.txt file has around 37000 eligible candidates, and I had different people start from different places in the file. With you, you had just tested the end part of the file, so now you have chosen another place to start that has not been tested yet.


Deamiter 2003-02-27 01:23

which is.... what I said..... but it's all Good!!! Hurray for Proth numbers!!!

TTn 2003-03-03 03:19

It still is'nt clear in definition, if primes of the form k*2^n-1 should be classified seperately from proth's k*2^n+1.

In the proth database the only distinction is +1 or, - 1.
I belive that K*2^n+/-1 are called Robinson primes.
I would post my findings and large primes here if this is the general case.
And if nobody opposes this generalization?

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