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kriesel 2021-09-30 00:41

OBD levels progress history
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Thanks to numerous posts by various folks in multiple threads here, I've pieced together a partial history of when the various OBD levels were reached. And of course there is a spreadsheet with a chart, fit, references, etc. There are some substantial gaps. Please comment here or by PM with any potential gap-filling info or links or corrections.

Uncwilly 2021-09-30 01:43

As of Oct 26, 2011 OBD was at Level 17.02
It was at 3.3 on April 26, 2004
Do you want some finer data? And have you tried the Wayback Machine?
I have some data from: 2/11/2005, 1/12/2005, 12/10/2004, 11/12/2004, 10/15/2004, 9/17/2004, 8/13/2004, 7/16/2004

[CODE]Level 17 Eighteen Candidates to 84 bits In Progress
Level 17 Seventeen Candidates to 83 bits 22 July 2011
Level 16 Sixteen Candidates to 82 bits 4 July 2011
Level 15 Fifteen Candidates to 81 bits 26 Nov 2010
Level 14 Fourteen Candidates to 80 bits 15 June 2010
Level 13 Thirteen Candidates to 79 bits 6 June 2010
Level 12 Twelve Candidates to 78 bits 16 Sept 2009
Level 11 Eleven Candidates to 77 bits 28 May 2009
Level 10 Ten Candidates to 76 bits 16 May 2009
Level 9 Nine Candidates to 75 bits 3 Dec 2007
Level 8 Eight Candidates to 74 bits 10 May 2006
Level 7 Seven Candidates to 73 bits 28 Jan 2005
Level 6 Six Candidates to 72 bits 23 July 2004
Level 5 Five Candidates to 71 bits 22 May 2004
Level 4 Four Candidates to 70 bits 03 May 2004
Level 3 Three Candidates to 69 bits 12 Apr 2004
Level 2 Two Candidates to 68 bits 07 Apr 2004
Level 1 One Candidate to 67 bits 26 Mar 2004[/CODE]

Uncwilly 2021-09-30 02:28

I checked, the Wayback machine has some better data:
The Italian site did not have a good status page that I could see for very long.

kriesel 2021-09-30 04:06

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Thanks for the wayback machine suggestion.
wblipp's eleven-smooth billion page is a dead link wayback coverage 2004-2019
so is ET_'s [URL][/URL] wayback has 2004 and one in 2021 is a 404 error
and [URL];[/URL] see 2004-2010
so is the 100M page [URL][/URL]
up but outdated: [URL][/URL] wayback sometimes does not show the graph, only the abscissa values and a little other text, or it's flipped and the popup text gets hidden;
[URL][/URL] is the status page now; wayback has several snaps 2020-2021
I went through a lot of those (all sites above).

Not looking for fine detail within levels or a data dump. Just trying to pin down integer level history/milestone dates, and a little intermediate progress where levels have spanned years (2014-2019?!).

pinhodecarlos 2021-09-30 06:13

Why the model fitting?

kriesel 2021-09-30 07:14

Why not? The portions where level declines with increasing time are silly, but the whole subproject is somewhat.

lavalamp 2021-10-18 01:47

[QUOTE=kriesel;589052]Thanks for the wayback machine suggestion.
wblipp's eleven-smooth billion page is a dead link[/QUOTE]For a little while I mirrored and updated the original page here:

The last update I made to it was 13 April 2020. This page is the source my [URL=""]graph[/URL] and [URL=""]table[/URL] pull from, hence why they are more than slightly out of date currently.

kriesel 2021-10-21 23:06

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Reached level 21.21 on 2021-10-21. Level 22+ is expected in a few days.

kriesel 2021-10-28 04:20

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level 21.22 -> level 22.03 2021-10-27

kriesel 2021-10-29 12:32

Level 22 has been passed.
If, with no factors found for the counted survivors,
level 23 is 23 candidates TF to 89 bits,
level 24 is 24 candidates TF to 90 bits,
level 25 is 25 candidates TF to 91 bits,
level 26 is 26 candidates TF to 92 bits,
and OBD TF factoring depth limit is 92 bits, (as is mfakto's),
is level 27, 27 candidates P-1 stage 1 complete with sufficient B1?
Level 28, 28 candidates P-1 stage 2 also complete with sufficient B1 & B2?
Level 29 (someday, one can dream), 29 candidates PRP/GEC/proof-generation completed?
Level 30 (also requiring new software functionality), 30 candidates PRP proof verified? (Or alternately an entire very costly full length PRP DC for each, ugh.)

That would imply carrying through on ~33 current candidates, since one or two (~33 x (92-88) / 90 ~1.5) will likely get factored in TF, and ~4% x 33 ~1.3 in P-1. So, all in range 3321928171 to 3321929987.

clowns789 2021-11-04 20:14

The problem with levels 27-30 that you outlined is that it encourages the two P-1 stages to be separate and thus many of the second stages will likely be done on different systems than the first stages. I believe after Level 26 the project should split into a "wide" search for those who want smaller GPU work units to factor more exponents to lower bit depths, and a "deep" search with P-1 and PRP.

I think P-1 stages could be assigned separately, although it shouldn't be encouraged by the way the level system is structured; in other words, it shouldn't encourage participants to run 27 first stages before doing any second stages.

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