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Batalov 2021-11-22 00:49

Well, if it is maintained in this way, then only Table 1 from it is meaningful, really, because the rest is prone to a lot of errors of omission.

For example if you forget to put the 6-Tuplet there (currently it is [B]not[/B] there), and then someone beats in tomorrow (but this one was never entered by maintainer), then it will be as if it never happened, because later there is no reason to add it.

It would have been more robust to maintain top10s for each "k"length.

(But even then it is a very awkward page, -- you can compare it to keeping long jump, high jump, triple jump, and discus throwing records in one table. For a concrete example searching for CC's is nearly trivial because both: 1) off the shelf sieve exists, 2) testing is faster than for the other categories. So if someone actually put equal effort in all five categories, then [B]all [/B]records would be obviously only CC's).

I'll get done with CPAPs and I will help you "update by way of trivializing" this page. All records will be of the same kind (obviously not CPAPs. :rolleyes: I liked CPAPs because they are hard. Easy things are boring.)

Cybertronic 2021-11-22 13:51

You mean, the SP-Table over all is okay, but I should extened a Top-10(20) list for each SP-kind ,like CC x 1st ans 2nd kind, BiTwin, CPAP,...

Problem is, that is not my page....and nobody reach Jens K Andersen.

Okay,the prime k-tuplet page have now all kinds and was refreshed yesterday.

Cybertronic 2021-11-24 11:06

I have refreshed Jens K Andersens " Simultaneous Primes Prime Page"


I hope it is more readable now and works correct. Opinions are welcome.
best wishes.

Cybertronic 2021-11-24 19:14

Also I have refreshed the AP-record site:

News: More compact and all AP24,AP25,AP26,AP27 are addapted from PrimeGride under largest known AP-k -> Record History


Cybertronic 2021-12-05 12:22

PI_10(10^20) and PI_11(10^20) are known.

There are 10,230,073 prime 10-tuplets and 411,551 prime 11-tuplets up to 10^20.

Next: PI_12(10^21)
Estimated time: 13d

Cybertronic 2021-12-15 07:17

PI_12(10^21) is abort, files are passion to repeat it. :no:

Cybertronic 2022-01-19 06:29

PI_3(10^17) is known !
Many thanks to Peter Kaiser for calculating this PI-table !

1e16 steps|pattern 1|pattern 2

0-1, 624.026.299.748, 624.025.508.307
1-2, 554.086.126.694, 554.084.938.742
2-3, 531.304.381.448, 531.303.963.615
3-4, 517.196.606.698, 517.196.768.303
4-5, 507.032.665.908, 507.031.620.118
5-6, 499.125.675.906, 499.125.938.384
6-7, 492.675.249.232, 492.676.420.737
7-8, 487.241.567.509, 487.241.788.030
8-9, 482.557.480.218, 482.557.274.458
9-10, 478.443.472.603, 478.444.163.939

[B]total: 5.173.689.525.964, 5.173.688.384.633 [/B]

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