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chalsall 2021-03-18 00:59

[QUOTE=JMARANDA;573990]Dont believe pesimist words.[/QUOTE]

Never. Don't waste time with idiots, ether...

Time is a finite resource. Idiots, on the other hand... :wink:

JMARANDA 2021-03-18 01:55

Really space is finite but timespace is not.

JMARANDA 2021-03-18 13:54

well i start with Collatz long time ago.
A brief resume:
- the conjecture is true.
- forget the even numbers.
- any up sequence is finite and pre-computable.

4n + 3 , one up step,
8n + 7 , two up steps.
16n + 15, 3 up steps.

I find it, i dont know if it is public domain.
I dont know the equiv for the down sequence.

Also remember the Syracuse function 4n+1.
"n and 4n+1 , to the same odd number".

Best regards,

xilman 2021-03-18 14:03

[QUOTE=JMARANDA;573996]Really space is finite but timespace is not.[/QUOTE]
Proof of both parts of your theorem please.

JMARANDA 2021-03-18 14:27

Observation, not theorem.
I take my WolksOVNI last saturday to the Universe ends.
Nice views, you know.
But travel time seems to me be infinite.
Between stars there are few thinks to look.
I find no alliens, this time.

User 2021-05-06 09:02

Proof is here -> [url][/url]

Batalov 2021-05-07 01:13

[QUOTE=User;577786]Proof is here -> [url][/url][/QUOTE]
The other contributions of the same author are equally earth-shattering!
Division by zero is finally "solved"!

[QUOTE=""]It is still difficult to predict all the consequences, which this change can bring, to everything that was created based on this wrong foundation. Keywords: Division by zero, Real numbers, Rational numbers, Ratio, Fraction, Fixing mathematics[/QUOTE]

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