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kuratkull 2007-03-12 18:30

I just don't understand this
Hello :)

I have been actively surfing the forums for the past few days, but I haven't gotten a clear answer to my question.

After sr5sieve has finished sieving, what are the results? Only factors? Does this also find primes? Do I have to run the output in LLR to get something?
As I understand, I just have to sieve it, and send the output file via email. [B]What[/B] will the data be used for?

What do these lines [B]mean[/B] anyway?:
[QUOTE]5866607967677 | 131848*5^1131027-1
5866623602911 | 200062*5^658953-1
5866639831141 | 280558*5^367225-1 [/QUOTE]

michaf 2007-03-12 20:56

sr5sieve is indeed the program used to search for FACTORS of the list of candidates to test for primes.
Whenever you find a factor, you know a number is not prime, therefor you need not test it for primality anymore. (Saving time on that of course)

5866607967677 | 131848*5^1131027-1
means that the number 131848*5^1131027-1 has a factor 5866607967677.
Thus that number isn't prime.

In short, your data will be used to shorten the list of candidates to test for primality. The less candidates to test, the better.

kuratkull 2007-03-12 21:02

Hmm, nice and simple. Thx :)

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