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Dylan14 2019-12-21 17:30

Other Python resources
In view of Pinho's post in the discussion thread, I will provide some other resources that one can use to learn the language, in the case my method is too dry or doesn't cover what you want to do.
There is a separate thread for comments ([URL][/URL]). Post comments/links for me to look at in that thread. Posts here may be moved and/or deleted at my discretion.

Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python 3, by Jaan Kiusalaas
Numerical Methods in C++: The Art of Scientific Computing by Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling and Flannery (contains C++ source code, but it would be good practice to translate into Python)

Python's own tutorial: [URL][/URL]
Python documentation: [URL][/URL]
Tutorialspoint: [URL][/URL]
W3schools: [URL][/URL]
Net-informations: [URL][/URL]
ArchWiki's list of resources: [url][/url]

(more to come)

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