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EdH 2021-10-11 12:56

Manual creation of .m polynomial file for size opt
I've been able to manually create the (default named) file from CADO-NFS polynomials, as described in the msieve.nfs doc, and run the root opt (-npr) on the file successfully.

I'm not able to create the described msieve.dat.m file and run msieve size opt (-nps) successfully. I've matched existing .m files with my format, taking:[code]<leading_alg_coefficient> R1 R0[/code]from the CADO-NFS polynomials, including making sure R0 is positive. But, Msieve fails with:[code]error: corrupt polynomial expand
expand failed
error generating or reading NFS polynomials[/code]The first two lines are repeated for every entry in the .m file, and the .ms file is empty.

The worktodo.ini composite is the same as when I manually create and process an .ms file. I see no additional information in Msieve generated .m files.

What might I be missing?

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