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moo 2005-04-27 19:00

has there been any work on range 500m to 600m

HiddenWarrior 2005-04-28 02:30

[QUOTE=moo]has there been any work on range 500m to 600m[/QUOTE]

No, for now that range is not available in LMH >79.3 project. The most wanted range is 253M-498M to 32 bits. And I think that it is quiete early for 500M-600M range. Anyway, if You so entusiasted, You can work with that range and submit your results to me so I could include them to the statistics.

moo 2005-04-28 04:19

ok i have to wait i got a few more days of lmh regular got a smaller section to 62 bits from 61 but thats just because now i use the advanced factor command correct to do a range.

KEP 2005-05-18 20:44

Please reply to me
Hi I can't figure out if this range has begun or if anyone is checking it - and who to send the results to, when done - so here is my questions:

- Is anyone working on the 500-600 million range?
- Shall I just upload the result file, to the forum or is it needed to be e-mailed to george or else who?
- How much should be uploaded, both the numbers without a factor and those with a factor or only those with a factor or only those without a factor, checked to the given exponent?
- I'm considering using factor3_2b.exe, is P95 faster or is it the same?
- How do I decide the maximum bit to be checked by P95 for instance 50-bit?

Please reply fast, such as I can get to work on this range. I expect it to take roughly a couple of months to do the first phase of these following phases:

Factoring from 2^1 to 2^50 (0%) --> 4,968,836 Primes to do
Factoring from 2^50 to 2^53 (0%) --> ? Primes to do
Factoring from 2^53 to 2^56 (0%) --> ? Primes to do
Factoring from 2^56 to 2^59 (0%) --> ? Primes to do
Factoring from 2^59 to 2^62 (0%) --> ? Primes to do
Factoring from 2^62 to 2^65 (0%) --> ? Primes to do
Factoring from 2^65 to 2^68 (0%) --> ? Primes to do

HiddenWarrior 2005-05-19 10:27

Reply :)
The 500M-600M range is untested. As I know nobody except user MOO has any interest on this range (as still many work with 255M-497M). So I think You can freely take this one. I'll post here a notice that range is taken by You.

When done or periodicaly You can e-mail results to me ( yxine @ ) or any other way - but contact me by ICQ (479471) if possible...

Your questions:
3. No need to upload it here... just mail me, I have all statistics updated on-line, so I'll post it here as soon as any great improvements in testing progresses... Mail me just list of exponents with dividers. For all others You can just write till what bit level were they TF. Please, compress this list with zip or anything else!!!
4. factor3_2b.exe is preaty good! Prime95 has some difficulties sometimes to work with LMH >79.3. So I use factor3_2b.exe only...
5. When using P95 you can TF to x Bit if there is a line FactorOverride=x in prime.ini file (see help to the program)

That's all there is to eat. Regards!

KEP 2005-05-20 16:23

Hidden Warrior, thanks for your reply. I have begun working on the range, and you can follow the progress on this webpage:


Thanks again!

By the way, how much data can you handle in your email? I like to know because I might send you 50 MB compressed data when done working on first step, spread into several files.

HiddenWarrior 2005-05-21 02:18

My e-mail holds 20 MBytes only. But I'll give you this one admin @ . It holds 500 Mb. By the way, I have one more great place for receiving files. Tell me if [url][/url] is accessible for You. There I can have up to 700 GBytes of data.

P.S.: how much time will your first test will take?

KEP 2005-05-21 06:24

Hi HiddenWarrior, your ftp site wasn't accessibel for me. But no worry, I'll just use your admin mail, and mail you from my g-mail account. The current projection on how long it will take, to do the first round of tests, is 5½ - 6 month, but thanks to the program I've used to find the exponents, I can easily split the job to other voulanteers, since the job is already split in 100 files containing 50,000 primes to test. Hope it helped, and btw., it wouldn't bother me, to send you or anyone else interested the exponents between 600 million and (1024^3*2)-1, such as you can make them workable and start working on other ranges.

My e-mail is kenneth010982 @ if you should feel like wanting to e-mail me.

HiddenWarrior 2005-05-22 05:16

Ok, I'll contact you by e-mail

KEP 2005-06-04 13:41

Cancelling the work on 500 million range
Hi everyone

Due to stalking and compulsive behaviour carried out by many americans the past 5 months against me and my family, and the lack of the american authorities will to do something about these imbecils, who began their terror campaign against me on s@h, I've decided for deffinitivetly to shut down all scientific work, and this time for good - even if the project can proof it does not have anything to do with americans or is not based in the US. I just don't want to pay the price anymore, for helping science, when there is no help to get, when needed.


Jwb52z 2005-06-04 22:01

Wow, I never expected Anti-American sentiement to come to a board such as this.

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