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Reboot It 2003-12-03 13:00

Odd Reporting of a Factor Found
Recently in my farm, one PC found a factor in an exponent but, although it apparently reported it, it remained in the Team Prime Rib account report, although it had been dropped from the PC's worktodo.ini file. This was how I spotted it, as that exponent was no longer updating while the others were updating.

To try to force that result to be reported, on that PC I unselected the "Use Primenet to get work and report results" option and then reselected it. This made the machine re-report ALL of the results in results.txt, as I was expecting. However, the result still did not show up in cleared.txt and the exponent was still shown as allocated to that PC.

I then entered the worktodo entry on another PC and made it run P-1 again to see if it would generate and report the factor correctly. It found the factor and claims (from prime.log) to have reported it, but it does not show up how I expected in cleared.txt. Also it [I]has[/I] now disappeared from Team Prime Rib's account report.

The exponent was [B]10548491[/B].

The first PC was [B]Reboot_It153[/B]. I can get log files if required, but at a day or two's notice. Sorry I can't post excerpts here right now. In particular I haven't checked that the factor found is identical.

The second PC was [B]Reboot_It180[/B] and it reran the P-1 (with a higher memory allocation FWIW).

The worktodo.ini entry was [B]DoubleCheck=10548491,64,1[/B]

Excerpt from results.txt on Reboot_It180:
[CODE][Tue Dec 02 22:44:26 2003]
P-1 found a factor in stage #2, B1=60000, B2=1050000.
UID: Team_Prime_Rib/Reboot_It180, M10548491 has a factor: 920450594378445935929195338068205567146965439[/CODE]Excerpt from prime.log on Reboot_It180:
[CODE][Tue Dec 02 22:44:27 2003 - ver 23.7]
Sending text message to server:
UID: Team_Prime_Rib/Reboot_It180, M10548491 has a factor: 920450594378445935929195338068205567146965439
Sending result to server for exponent 10548491[/CODE]Excerpt from cleared.txt dated 03 Dec 2003 12:00 (Dec 3 2003 5:00AM Pacific):
[CODE]10548491 67 DF 114813042292255308481 03-Dec-03 02:49 Dummy_Results dummy[/CODE]Can anybody shed any light on what has happened? I have recently realised that I have extreme admiration for the capabilities of the data miners here (you know what I mean! :wink:) but this may also be a client or a server issue.

Help, please! :help:

apocalypse 2003-12-03 13:26

920450594378445935929195338068205567146965439 = 114813042292255308481 * 8016951523986702618760319

You found a composite factor and, in that case, the server only records the smaller subfactor.

GP2 2003-12-03 14:04

One of the scripts I run regularly checks for exponents that are assigned but have already been factored.

The most recent run showed:

Exponents assigned (LL testing) that already have a factor?


10548491,D ,64,,13.9,16.7,60.7,02-Dec-03 19:54,19-Nov-03 05:05,Team_Prime_Rib,Reboot_It180
20861773, ,66,,45.3,3.6,45.6,21-Oct-03 17:52,18-Oct-03 20:38,bsman,p41800s
21236561, ,66,,14.2,2.8,62.8,,18-Nov-03 22:27,CDavis,P2530
21250771, ,66,,13.3,29.7,74.7,,19-Nov-03 18:34,DL1ELY,DL1ELY
21397807, ,66,,2.9,11.1,71.1,,30-Nov-03 04:15,.,C19214038
21398227, ,66,,2.9,28.1,85.1,,30-Nov-03 04:47,curtisc,ccc54

When I find cases like this, I re-report the factors to PrimeNet using the manual report page, under Dummy_Results account created by garo. This hopefully prevents an entirely useless LL test from being done... hopefully, the next time Prime95 updates its info with the server, it sees "this exponent is not assigned to you" and deletes it from the worktodo.ini file of whoever it was assigned to.

The factor did make it into the "weekly" data files (Dec 2 release), which is how I detected it, so presumably you got credit for it.

I haven't figured out how this situation occurs, but every week there are at least one or two cases of assigned exponents that already have a factor.

Reboot It 2003-12-03 14:39

Thanks both for the prompt replies. And there was me thinking I had found a wonderfully huge factor. :surprised Glad that having done the work twice I should get the credit!

Quite how the exponent got reallocated to Reboot_It153 in the first place even though it was already marked as having a factor is presumably still a mystery.

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