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LaurV 2014-07-03 12:54

Just to give a reply to cheesehead about "why the 34 Nxe7 wasn't better", without putting this on public forum: 34 Nxe7 would be a stupid move, realizing nothing except exchanging the horses. After 34 Bh3+, they can either block with the horse, as discussed, or move the king, but the king need to stay close to the horse, otherwise the horse is lost for free. That horse not too late to be taken. But we have better play. The king can't protect both the horse and the g6 pawn, in case we exchange the horses, the king still need to stay close to g6. To avoid this, after Kf7 Rb7, black is forced to protect the horse with Bb4, and NOW is the time to exchange, so we have much more liberty on the other side to clear the a5 pawn, and solve the mistake we did by playing 33Nxc8 instead of the clearly winning "minus infinite" (and the man still has the courage to talk to me about anger :yucky:) move 33 Nb5.

Therefore, 34...Kf6 35 Rb6+ Kf7 36 Rb7 Bb4 37 Nxe7 Bxe7 38 Ra7 Nc4 39 Bf1 (or 38...Nb3 39 Bg4) is the winning path which I see here.

On the other branch, 34... Nf5, 35 Kh1 Ke5 (or d5, for example) 36 Rb6 (they lose both king's pawns if they move the horse now) is also (almost sure) winning.

Why should we waste the time with endless analysis? We have real life.

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-04 13:11

I'm currently lookin at Rb6+ as a response to Nf6

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-05 10:28

Looks like I don't have to bother any further analysis. I believe Rb7 was the agreed upon responce to Kf7 and see no reason to delay posting it within the next 48 hrs.

LaurV 2014-07-05 13:26

Indeed, thanks. Posted.

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