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Prime95 2014-11-14 22:44

New feature just for Mike
If you visit the CPUs web page and click on one of your CPUs you get to the "Computer Properties" web page. There is a new value you can enter: DC instead of LL percentage*

*Modifies the LL,LL-WR,LL-10M,LL-NF work preference. Enter the percentage of time you want to do DC instead of LL. Very useful for monitoring overclocked machines or machines prone to overheating. You can then check the results periodically to see if the DC results are producing matching residues.

Note this is a *time* based percentage. On my overclocked Haswells, I'm going to try 25%. Thus, on average, 1 of the 4 cores will be doing DCs. The server assumes first-time LLs take 4 times as long as DCs. Thus, get assignment will return on average 4 DCs for each 3 LLs. Thanks to madpoo's upgrades to the results web page, I occasionally review this web page to make sure the bulk of DC results returned are verified. On my more reliable Mac laptop and Sandy Bridge computers I'm going to try somewhere between 5% and 15%.

TheMawn 2014-11-14 22:53

That's neat. I hope it's not too complicated and it runs properly. Worst case scenario is it doesn't give you the ratio you asked for?

Xyzzy 2014-11-14 23:17

:bow wave:

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