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grobie 2005-10-27 10:20

Well I hate it, but even [url][/url] announced fourm change. I'll be moving on, dont like yahoo fourm at all.

Cruelty 2005-10-27 10:38

Well, I don't like stoping half-way with my k=736320585 (right now I am at n=350000)... but if there are some new rules concerning participation in "15k project", namely new forum (that I really [B]don't[/B] like), or the way the communication goes (see this thread), or the fact that RMA.NET is being pushed (I [B]really[/B] don't want to install any more MS crap on my PC)...
I perfectly understand that the project leader has a right to do with his project whatever he/she wishes but I don't have to comply blindly.

If others feel similar about the current situation, then perhaps we could launch a brand new project here :question:

Kosmaj 2005-10-27 13:55

Yahoo is full with ads, and it sucks. But it sucks even more that there was no discussion, nobody was consulted or informed about the move. Reasons are completely unclear. The only thing I can think about is that Shane was maybe banned again from Mersenneforum.

As for new projects I plan to start a new project to search for k*2^n-1, (k<300) primes. I'll do it as soon as I find next such prime. The problem is what to do with 15k values that are currently being sieved or tested. Here is what can be done:

(1) Continue like nothing happened and submit your primes using the current 15k prover's code. Using the software of you chosing. RMA is a nice attempt but I suspect it's full with bugs. I also don't want and cannot install MS libraries on some of my machines. And it is completely useless if one is sieving and testing on different machines. It doesn't matter at all where the "official" forum is located. This is completely doable but I agree that it's a little strange that we are trying to save the project from the founder who wants to destroy it.

(2) We can submit new 15k primes using a new prover's code without including "15 Search".

(3) We can start a new project. If we continue using only k's divisible by 15 the only name that comes to mind is "New 15k Search". But we can also extend it to include other k's (not divisible by 15) which can produce many primes. Larry found a few such k's recently (cannot found the thread now). Then we can call it "High weight Riesel" or something like that.

(4) Move to Yahoo.

So, if you want let's vote.

xilman 2005-10-27 14:23

[QUOTE=Kosmaj]Yahoo is full with ads, and it sucks. But it sucks even more that there was no discussion, nobody was consulted or informed about the move. Reasons are completely unclear. The only thing I can think about is that Shane was maybe banned again from Mersenneforum.[/QUOTE]
Unfortunately, he pushed his luck too far in a Soap Box thread (supposed threatening behaviour) and Xyzzy banished him to the sin bin again.

A pity in some ways. He wanted to fight dirty and I was just warming up for the bout :showoff: when the referee stopped the contest. Oh well, it's his forum and not mine.

Sorry to go slightly off-topic.


Templus 2005-10-27 15:05

I am staying on this forum.
Although I have not submitted that much primes, I knowthat there is a good communication between forummembers about the projects and reserved values on this forum.
Why would we change to another 'forum'? I like it here! I have been here since the beginning (not quite active poster, but an active cruncher). I have worked on many k's, I am currently working on k=93 and some low-weights.

Also, I am not going to use a buggy program that will automate the primesearch. I am used to manual using LLR and newPgen and that's the way I shall continue on trying to find primes.
As for the suggestions Kosmaj posted: I personally vote for option 3.

Again: I am staying! :cool:

lsoule 2005-10-27 16:44

I agree that Yahoo is unworkable for this type of project and
am staying put as well. I will keep running my 15k candidates
though may shift to the candidates that are not on the 'official'
reservation page.

The other issue is who 'owns' a distributed computing project
like this? The founder from years ago, the active members,
or the people who have been working behind the scenes for years
running the project? Probably not answerable, but the critical
mass seems to be staying here and not moving to the new
'15k RMA project' :wink:


Cruelty 2005-10-27 16:49

I'm for #3. Proposed project name: " prime search" :smile:

Joshua2 2005-10-27 17:42

I don't want to move. I'd like us to keep the prover code though, so we can still be high on the lists. :grin:

grobie 2005-10-27 18:23

I will stay here, but not going to crunch k's that dont belong to this forum. I like the folks here, they been very helpful, so if this forum decides to start something new I'm in. I just hate the thought to lose the code though!! I feel the prover code belongs to 15K members not an individual.

I vote for #3.

If someone will tell me what needs to be crunched in the meantime...

thommy 2005-10-27 19:42

Yes. Totally unclear why this move is made. Any comments, TTn, Shane?
I'd like to use rma, but the .NET install requirement is a no-go for me. Don't think its buggy, many updates are made in the past...
But this move is really wrong, Shane.

garo 2005-10-27 20:07

TTn was banned as he threatened various people and sent malicious messages to the moderators. This was all due to a thread in the SoapBox. You guys may remember that he was banned once before but allowed back in on the promsie that he will stay within the 15k forum. He did not keep to that promise but we let that go. But his behavior - such as sending three messages in quick succession to all mods complaining about other people's posts made it hard not to come down on him. As you have seen he has signed up again as L9_.

Since he is primarily a part of the 15k community what do you guys think should be done. Please send me and Xyzzy and akruppa PMs if you want to make a comment in private.

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