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jyb 2021-01-26 16:46

11m8_287 factored
p75 factor: 252913619349347588763877132448479425212438959990695903607339047594314326337
p164 factor: 16580346164307516314753374256671632133393856776715821113386164016582475358593008663569395065569532038455442923260142556232252311349044090357924512459404258981240351


swellman 2021-01-26 16:46

[CODE]prp83 factor: 16700096523299630893472388366118974723690274818074341769651328600601181666038611931
prp166 factor: 5807653947055445011905929169688465315455460651709553617529241014416073746407734781668516587384655292304987629105826888532396303349373906558260005601643434887641189507[/CODE]

Log at [url][/url]

jyb 2021-01-27 18:39

11p3_287 is in linear algebra.

jyb 2021-01-27 19:44

Taking 4m3_497.

chris2be8 2021-01-28 16:49

f15_214p1 is done:
p106 factor: 1776272253790478124444019776501137060748504076284540116914002570135596623373473575381871463324689533561473
p131 factor: 11949960743578809778623407364454881566642749683575588362074614431176155159331770225668597537096076146666143283139162933985096173189

Log at [url][/url]

Reported to factordb and [url][/url]


VBCurtis 2021-01-29 05:02

Looks like I forgot to report 13_2_874m when it finished:
[code]Sun Jan 10 10:25:57 2021 p59 factor: 41217993900285821944501095763394954602048356671128098955757
Sun Jan 10 10:25:57 2021 p62 factor: 18257764352951656614975495917500821791055843095793735644346541
Sun Jan 10 10:25:57 2021 p127 factor: 5489838802736417459224480079773719389000968678347967321260807654615591259266076453122160819909895238030857052843064734045891977[/code]
257M unique relations with 31/32 bit large primes were sufficient to build an 18.5M matrix at TD=112.

Log at [url][/url]

jyb 2021-01-29 05:47

11p3_287 factored
p104 factor: 42665305442804211960901054513780679767624419132293851490443038684781251905807956131476818463955371699623
p121 factor: 6192991170350908402526237790939760815357445305895187940489910660283990778259776419598491584577740345225201122193287726883


chris2be8 2021-01-29 16:32

f19_197p1 has built a matrix. About 82 hours remain.

For some reason it shows as f19_197 on [url][/url] although I had to download it's relations as f19_197p1.


swellman 2021-01-29 17:20

[QUOTE=chris2be8;570417]f19_197p1 has built a matrix. About 82 hours remain.

For some reason it shows as f19_197 on [url][/url] although I had to download it's relations as f19_197p1.


My bad - there are two fields used by NFS@Home: “Name” and “Display name”. When adding a new factoring job, only Name is input. Display name is auto filled with the Name value, with the exception of the 15e_small siever which leaves it blank. One just fills in the desired Display name. I must have inadvertently truncated it during the cut/paste operation.

In an abundance of caution, I will hold off editing Display name for this job until the factors are reported and the job is moved into completed status.

jyb 2021-01-31 01:19

Taking 11p9_244.

VBCurtis 2021-01-31 06:03

13_2_875m is complete:
[code]p57 factor: 490971161470233908013279045588800400925010217471646716547
p156 factor: 490591824179418716841312800208022385808207339800794373210892766611774897307426035928314276357487672225055932145083654172557464499394037870788621642566316293[/code]
322M raw 31/32 bit relations netted 255M unique, enough for a 17.0M matrix at TD=112. 6 days of 8-threaded msieve got me factors.

log at [url][/url]

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