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gd_barnes 2008-01-08 09:07

Riesel base 16 - team drive #2
We are starting Conjectures 'R Us (CRUS) team drive #2 for Riesel base 16 starting at n=25K and continuing until all k's have a prime. Included in the drive are 12 of the remaining 17 k's that need a prime. A link to a sieved file is below. As we find primes, we will remove candidates from the files.

The file has been sieved for n=250K-500K and no more sieving is needed. The sieve depth is P=70T. As we find primes, we'll remove k's from the file for higher n-ranges.

[B]We are posting one large file that people can cut individual reservations out of. This should give people more flexibility with their ranges. Please reserve a range that will take no longer than ~4-6 weeks. IMPORTANT: Please reserve in multiples of n=2000 and begin your range with n=xxx001 and end with n=xxx000 to avoid missing or duplicating tests.[/B]

Please post all primes, reservations, and statuses in this thread instead of using other multiple threads. We'll be checking this thread frequently for primes so that we can quickly get candidates removed from the file that no longer need to be tested.

Here is a breakdown of the 17 k's that are remaining:
12 in the team drive for n=200K-500K.
3 reserved for PrimeGrid and searched to n>1M with the Riesel base 2 conjecture effort.
1 reserved for base 4 and searched to n>1M.
1 unreserved for base 4 and searched to n=500K.

Below are primes found from the team drive plus all individual efforts for Riesel base 16 for n > 25K. [COLOR=#ff0000]Red[/COLOR] indicates top-5000 primes.

prime found by
[COLOR=red]3620*16^435506-1 KEP[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]7673*16^366247-1 KEP[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]33863*16^236436-1 Mini-Geek[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]6852*16^216571-1 MyDogBuster[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]2993*16^211161-1 antiroach[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]15068*16^204680-1 unconnected[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]13854*16^185870-1 gd_barnes[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]19413*16^181080-1 mdettweiler[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]1478*16^147920-1 gd_barnes[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]33723*16^102191-1 gd_barnes[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]17798*16^97394-1 kar_bon[/COLOR]
15458*16^81157-1 tnerual
16734*16^78426-1 gd_barnes
5307*16^76522-1 tnerual
27833*16^57892-1 kar_bon
18957*16^50221-1 kar_bon
8702*16^41326-1 kar_bon
17735*16^38991-1 kar_bon
n-range tested by Status # of primes
320K-500K KEP complete 2
260K-320K MyDogBuster complete 0
220K-260K Mini-Geek complete 1
216K-220K MyDogBuster complete 1
210K-216K antiroach complete 1
200K-210K unconnected complete 1
190K-200K gd_barnes complete 0
170K-190K mdettweiler complete 1 (plus 1 other)
156K-170K MyDogBuster complete 0
154K-156K Flatlander complete 0
150K-154K MyDogBuster complete 0
130K-150K gd_barnes complete 1
126K-130K mdettweiler complete 0
110K-126K gd_barnes complete 0
87.5K-110K LLRNet complete 2
85K-87.5K kar_bon complete 0
74K-85K tnerual complete 2 (plus 1 other)
71K-74K mdettweiler complete 0
25K-71K kar_bon complete 4
[/code][B]All sieved files have been tested. Eventually we will begin sieving a higher n-range.[/B]

All primes now found will be top-5000 primes so have fun and take down some k's! :grin:


kar_bon 2008-01-08 09:21

ok, first one: taking 2 files 25k-43k

kar_bon 2008-01-09 19:03

1 Attachment(s)
range 25k-35k complete, no prime

range 35k-43k complete, 2 primes:

taking 43k-50k

kar_bon 2008-01-10 23:11

range 43k-50k complete, no prime

reserving 50k-56k

kar_bon 2008-01-12 12:12

range 50k-56k complete, one prime:


kar_bon 2008-01-16 15:18

taking 56k-71k (4 files)

gd_barnes 2008-01-17 21:34

Files now added up to n=100K

mdettweiler 2008-01-18 06:27

Taking 71-74K. :-)

tnerual 2008-01-18 20:51

taking 74-85k

kar_bon 2008-01-19 02:48

next prime: 27833*16^57892-1 = 27833*2^231568-1

gd_barnes 2008-01-19 08:08

Goofy posts and goofy responses have been deleted as requested by Anon.

No more goofiness!

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