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gribozavr 2005-03-09 14:38

15k reservation

I wanted to join 15k search and I selected 15k=1581823815 from [url][/url]. I didn't look into "I'd like to help" thread where cyrix's post about the reservation was. I've sent a message about the reservation to [email][/email] on the 6th of March, but I got no response till now. I couldn't wait, and began sieving. I sieved the range 164000-220000. Then I bagan to do LLR tests. And I found a prime! It was 1581823815*2^165037-1. The first thing I did -- I googled for "1581823815 165037". And I was taken to stats page. So, the prime was known! :confused:

So, the question is: how to reserve a 15k and to be totally sure that I will not do duplicate work? Why isn't [url][/url] updated? If it is really out of date, a message about could be placed on it, to avoid such confusion.

lsoule 2005-03-10 17:51

Another good place to check is at the top-5000
prime page at [url][/url]

That k has found these primes:
541 1581823815 · 2384095-1 115634
553 1581823815 · 2379422-1 114227
942 1581823815 · 2336542-1 101319
1395 1581823815 · 2287821-1 86652
1603 1581823815 · 2262774-1 79113
2226 1581823815 · 2229557-1 69113
2424 1581823815 · 2222451-1 66974
3924 1581823815 · 2197668-1 59514

Kosmaj 2005-03-11 05:03

The "homecandidate" page is really outdated but the neghbour page [URL=]Statistics[/URL] is relatively up to date. When reserving a certain k please to the following:
1) Check the above "Statistics" page
2) Search [URL=]I'd like to help[/URL] thread and [URL=]POST PRIMES you've found here[/URL] threads for your k.
3) Search the Top-5000 data-base using the link above for "k*2^%-1" replacing the k for its real value. Be sure to check the "all verified primes" box near the bottom of the page.
4) If nothing is found, announce your reservation in the [URL=]I'd like to help[/URL] thread.

And, good luck!

gribozavr 2005-03-11 14:04

Thanks everyone!
So, using the pages above I found a k with no primes known. :smile: I will post it to the "I'd like to help" thread.
BTW, I think that those links could be added to one of the "Instructions" sticky threads.

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