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EdH 2013-09-18 03:00

current total: 1850@26e7

VBCurtis 2013-09-18 06:59

I'm running a poly select for a C136 overnight, so I'll begin poly selection for this C162 late Wed evening. You should still post it tomorrow in the request thread, since this is enough number to profit from multiple searchers.

Ya'll have some pretty serious ECM resources to get this 11e7 level done in just a couple days.

EdH 2013-09-18 18:35

current total: 1931@26e7

EdH 2013-09-19 00:13

I still have a couple machines finishing their 26e7 assignments, but have switched everything else over to 11e7 since I still have many errors showing at 26e7. The new count of curves@11e7 will not include the 2250 I already posted in #60 above. Currently, I'm closing in on 700@11e7 new curves. I'll post an actual count later on. I suppose I'll stick with 11e7 until we have a poly (or, more preferably, a factor shows up via all this ecm).

RichD 2013-09-19 00:44

New counts are:

>780 @ 11e7
>200 @ 26e7

I used the -v switch to calculate the ratio between curves in ECM. t55 requires
11e7 @ 17884 x1
26e7 @ 7650 x2.34
43e7 @ 4958 x3.61

If I followed the thread and added the numbers properly we have at:
11e7 2250 + 2172 + 700 + 780 = 5902 x1 = 5902
26e7 1931 + 217 + 200 = 2348 x2.34 = 5494
43e7 453 = 453 x3.61 = 1635
Grand total (so far) of 13031
of which 4/5 of 17884 (or 14.3K) is needed.

I'll let mine run through the night and request a poly.
I may even run a few dozen @ 85e7 to flush out a near miss.

EdH 2013-09-19 04:41

I'm letting my machines finish what should be a total of 2000@11e7 (which includes the aforementioned 700), overnight. I'm hoping all machines will show clear (and paused) in the morning. Then I'll evaluate the next course...

henryzz 2013-09-19 08:08

Are you using any of the memory saving options with 26e7?
Bear in mind as well that 20e7 might work and provide a better chance of large factors.

EdH 2013-09-19 13:49

I have >1950@11e7 of the latest set. I seem to have some machines lagging a bit and I can't account for all of the curves. That's one reason for the script change. So that's 1950 on top of the 2250 from from post 60.

After I get the new scripts running, I'll try whatever@20e7 for a while to see how they run...

[QUOTE=henryzz;353419]Are you using any of the memory saving options with 26e7?
Bear in mind as well that 20e7 might work and provide a better chance of large factors.[/QUOTE]
Thanks! I'll alter my script to 20e7 and try running those. I'm making a major script change today, anyway. It will fit right in. As to the memory saving options, no. I'm using a single command line that provides the same command to each machine. That command line invokes Can I alter to incorporate the options? I haven't looked into them.

henryzz 2013-09-19 15:19 is designed to support the options being passed to it not having defaults.
If you need the same command to each machine to start then I would suggest starting using a script with the options added in the script. I would guess that -maxmem is probably the best for you. The other methods give more control but require optimizing for different B1s.

Hacking would be possible although not trivial.

RichD 2013-09-19 17:05

[QUOTE=RichD;353377]New counts are:

>780 @ 11e7
>200 @ 26e7[/QUOTE]

My final (additional) counts.

1120 @ 11e7
305 @ 26e7
20 @ 85e7

EdH 2013-09-19 21:03

I have my new scripts in place, so I'll be testing them with 20e7 to see how they run. I'll probably just stay with 20e7 until we decide to sieve...

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