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MattcAnderson 2021-08-04 14:20

Event horizon telescope
Today’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day is awesome.
See for August 4, 2021.
There is a picture of a giant purple plume emitting from a black hole. It is in the direction of Centaurus A. Also, technology exists to link up several satellite dishes worldwide to use iferometry to resolve small features. This is what I just read on a website. Take a look at the picture.


Lariliss 2021-10-21 09:28

Great, united effort makes history.
Inside the black hole image that made history by Sheperd Doeleman and an international team.
These evidences make positive view to a future. Since there are a lot of data collection made, but to achieve breakthrough collaboration is essential.
An international team anchored by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, which is known for capturing the first image of a black hole in the galaxy Messier 87, has now imaged the heart of the nearby radio galaxy Centaurus A in unprecedented detail.
To observe the Centaurus A galaxy with this unprecedentedly sharp resolution at a wavelength of 1.3 mm, the EHT collaboration used Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), the same technique with which the famous image of the black hole in M87 was made. An alliance of eight telescopes around the world joined together to create the virtual Earth-sized Event Horizon Telescope. The EHT collaboration involves more than 300 researchers from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

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