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pinhodecarlos 2016-10-19 11:46

Slow Transfer Speeds with Windows 7
Finally today I've decided to search for the slow transfer speed issue I've had in my laptop since I bought it while downloading the NFS data for the post-processing. My speed was always limited to 1.5 MB/s but not when using torrent or emule. This has been my complain since I started using this laptop and today I've made a test with my wife's laptop and download speed reached connection limit of 10 MB/s!!! So I thought, what's going on here?!

Anyway, this wasn't a real issue because I've been always downloading data at night in parallel with the previous post-processing but this was trigging me.

After as few searches on the web I found this page:


Basically I had ''TCP Window Scaling heuristics'' enable.

So to all to check if your connection is been restricted follow these steps:

To view current settings, open command prompt and use the "netsh interface tcp show global" and "netsh interface tcp show heuristics" commands. C:\Users\Administrator>[B]netsh interface tcp show global[/B]
Querying active state...

TCP Global Parameters
Receive-Side Scaling State : enabled
Chimney Offload State : automatic
NetDMA State : enabled
Direct Cache Acess (DCA) : disabled
[B]Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : normal[/B]
Add-On Congestion Control Provider : ctcp
ECN Capability : enabled
RFC 1323 Timestamps : disabled
C:\Users\Administrator>[B]netsh interface tcp show heuristics[/B]
TCP Window Scaling heuristics Parameters
[B]Window Scaling heuristics : disabled[/B]
Qualifying Destination Threshold : 3
Profile type unknown : normal
Profile type public : normal
Profile type private : normal
Profile type domain : normal
If the settings do not match above, enter these commands as Administrator, and then restart the download or upload.
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled

[/CODE]Just thought sharing this to all Windows 7 users if you ever come through this issue, not sure if it applies to Windows 10.


retina 2016-10-19 13:50

I assume these heuristics are to leave space in the pipe for higher priority data streams (whatever MS decide they might be). So I guess MS will favour Skype, IE, Edge and the other MS properties; and downgrade other non-approved apps that people actually like more? [/cynicism]

kladner 2016-10-19 19:52

[STRIKE]Funny, I am not getting the second part of the response for:
netsh interface tcp show global

I only see
TCP Global Parameters[/STRIKE]

Oops. Did not see the second command line. :davieddy:

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