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S80780 2003-08-21 13:06

35M to 36M to 2^60
As the topic says.


S80780 2003-12-07 21:01

Hi, LMHers!

The last two month and counting I haven't had internet-access.
Therefore, I didn't send in results. I sent George the results today. The exponents which were factored to 2^59 have nearly passed. No factors, so far.:cry:


hbock 2003-12-30 00:00

A quick analysis of the factor.cmp file shows that there are no known factors >58 bit between 35241163 and 35870333.
The beginning and the end of that range seem to be prefactored up to 61 bit. Nevertheless it might be that there some holes, so your work is important, too.

S80780 2004-03-30 22:18

Hi, LMHers!

Subrange 35M to 35.2M TFed to 2^60. Should be in next nofactor file. No new factors in this subrange. I'll release this subrange for further factoring.

Cheers and happy hunting,


S80780 2004-06-22 23:16

In response to the [url=""]Taking up new range[/url] thread, I handed 35.6M to 35.8M over to Axel Fox.


hbock 2004-06-23 08:05

Thanks for your response, so there is maybe a chance to get this range up to 60 bit this year !?

BTW, did you find some factors now above 35241163 ?

S80780 2004-06-23 11:08

M35241863 has a factor: 903316593683935351
M35242183 has a factor: 359962988406335393
M35242741 has a factor: 321919793670799487
M35242793 has a factor: 533466142218136753
M35242793 has a factor: 533466142218136753
M35246963 has a factor: 1104831742389340633
M35249989 has a factor: 505047549226460281
M35250001 has a factor: 866702197589295689
M35250169 has a factor: 837078021953385911
M35250409 has a factor: 342091938682908433
M35252597 has a factor: 685587365146748327
M35252617 has a factor: 985017384833637593
M35252837 has a factor: 303301559413399441
M35254217 has a factor: 453667287538643369
M35255221 has a factor: 1008711668203191913
M35258539 has a factor: 497229560058114817
M35259233 has a factor: 430805887717981231
M35260327 has a factor: 317262041212086623
M35260417 has a factor: 606795221884133599
M35261749 has a factor: 770846489494847263
M35261857 has a factor: 388513342000769287
M35262181 has a factor: 343667919577417271
M35262523 has a factor: 755914656950650297
M35265851 has a factor: 480578024448864599


S80780 2004-06-23 11:55

and 4 62bitters:
M35899753 has a factor: 2336890982554061119
M35899301 has a factor: 4014990673492202737
M35893357 has a factor: 2515376707202463127
M35888903 has a factor: 3064079141822627473[/CODE]

S80780 2004-07-05 20:11

As Axel finished 35.6M to 35.8M, we extended his range to 35.4M to 35.6M.
Man, I wish, I had some equally fast PCs at hand. :sleep:


S80780 2004-07-18 12:11

Axel has finished 35.4M to 35.6M to 60 bits and goes on with 35.3M to 35.4M. I passed 35.295M today. When I reach 35.3M, I'll go on with 35.8M to 36M to 62 bits.


S80780 2004-07-21 22:44

35.2M to 35.3M and 35615149 done to 60 bit. I'll leave this machine at "FactorOverride=60" to keep the 60-bit-train rolling and to take care of the leftovers before I switch to 35.8M to 36M to 62 bit.


another 26 factors:

M35268193 has a factor: 733137677032345567
M35268209 has a factor: 339361040018945657
M35268383 has a factor: 663781114627347209
M35270113 has a factor: 375424175407131401
M35271199 has a factor: 463519790695346417
M35271293 has a factor: 692548519096871287
M35273137 has a factor: 702864019003479313
M35273933 has a factor: 543174929759267711
M35274037 has a factor: 336932004704193433
M35275363 has a factor: 564082067650560241
M35277527 has a factor: 340826598392442431
M35280251 has a factor: 485856601911941657
M35280467 has a factor: 524695434631227439
M35283907 has a factor: 375367960139011519
M35285377 has a factor: 677101463838498473
M35286001 has a factor: 333112523536411183
M35287619 has a factor: 860262331100867231
M35288059 has a factor: 533197531225956913
M35288749 has a factor: 518805814753378111
M35290747 has a factor: 322806607710021167
M35291731 has a factor: 578040674741616929
M35294981 has a factor: 1050573322734045431
M35295347 has a factor: 523572528292111079
M35295599 has a factor: 371415162188528873
M35295971 has a factor: 305486735528240479
M35296061 has a factor: 365427952999594097

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