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Death 2004-06-08 13:21
New topic for new client.

Some experience of using later.

At least I can say that it starts =)))

iMac 500 MHz 128 Mb. I plan to and 128 Mb more....

Death 2004-06-08 13:57

well, now Mac client builds project file but PC client recieves IDLE 0-0 and does nothing.

and I forget if I asking it already, how much traffic client generates?
ie something like 10k per 100 lines or something.....

xilman 2004-06-10 15:50

[QUOTE=Death]and I forget if I asking it already, how much traffic client generates?
ie something like 10k per 100 lines or something.....[/QUOTE]

Something like that. It depends a bit on which project we are doing and where the client is sieving but 100 bytes per line is not too far out.


Death 2004-06-11 13:39

well right now mac client gets idle 0-0 =((

yesterday it connects to texas...

Death 2004-06-15 07:54


recently I got a message from Richard Wackerbarth, asking me to switch to anotheк pool.

I done this and left iMac at night working. but now at the morning there's still no stats for iMac....

Jeff Gilchrist 2004-06-15 14:34

I think the stats get pulled around midnight GMT so anything you submitted after that wouldn't show up until tomorrow's stats run.

Death 2004-06-16 08:54

[url=""][color=#0000ff]name[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]guid[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]work units[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]lines[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]relations[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]date joined[/color][/url][url=""][color=#0000ff]last comm[/color][/url]Celeron_1700[url=""][color=#0000ff]M0080481D2FCD[/color][/url]0.24616928196103 Jun 200408 Jun 2004

well, it works all nite and still no stats...

Jeff Gilchrist 2004-06-16 11:42

Death, Richard looked in the logs and the last time we have seen the GUID [b]M0080481D2FCD[/b] was June 8th.

Can you look at your "Received assignment" line in the output of the nfsnetclient and paste the details such as the Pool and assignment range here for us to look at? Can you also look in your processors/config.txt file and see what the "guid" line says to make sure it matches what you have listed above?

Also, what steps did you take to switch to another pool?


Death 2004-06-16 13:11

omg. can you see "celeron-1700" line? this is DEFINITELY not a "iMac500".

yes I don't this celeron since 08 june.

topic is about mac client. I trying to run it but it don't works.

then Richard send me email

[size=2]I hope that I have found the right one.

<key>GUID</key> <string>M000393925CA8P0</string> <key>USERID</key> <string>Death</string> <key>TEAMID</key> <string>Ukraine</string> <key>USERNAME</key> <string>Dead J. Dona</string> <key>EMAIL</key> <string>de***@*****</string> <key>COMPUTER</key> <string>iMac500</string>

My webserver log indicates that we are having difficulty communicating reliably.

Since it was not getting good results returned, it has "blacklisted" you for a few hours.

I manually released you, so it should try again within a few minutes.

However, I think that it would be better to send you to a server that is closer to your location.

Please stop you client and paste these lines into the file projects/pool/details.txt . Then restart it.


well, I re-register and it start works.
I left it overnight and didnt see a sats at the morning. and today there's no stats =((

sorry if I was rude, but I post celeron stats only to shows the absence of mac client...

Wacky 2004-06-16 16:09


Shows the machine. It is presently assigned to user "unknown".
This indicates that the registration records have not made it to the stats generator. I will force them to be resent.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Jeff Gilchrist 2004-06-16 16:19

[QUOTE=Death]omg. can you see "celeron-1700" line? this is DEFINITELY not a "iMac500".[/QUOTE]

Sorry, you had pasted a whole bunch of words jumped together on one line, I didn't notice the Celeron text in the mix of everything else. My eyes were drawn to the hyper link you made of the GUID [b]M0080481D2FCD0[/b]. I thought that was important and you were telling me that was your GUID since you went to the trouble of making a hyperlink to it.

Now that we know your actual GUID and the pool you are working with, it will be easier to try to find what is going on.


ed: oops, I see that Wacky has already responded...

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