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Joe O 2016-09-30 17:28

[QUOTE=Joe O;441178]So we currently have
F12: 57,363 of 360,000 for 65 digits
F13: 82,193 of 112,000 for 60 digits

Now we probably can take F13 to the next level, and start on 65 digits. But what happens when we get one or both to the end of the 65 digits level without finding a factor?[/QUOTE]

Within 30 minutes of 30 days later we have
58,438 - 57,363 = 1,075 so about 5 short of 36 a day for F12
83,175 - 82,193 = 982 so about 8 short of 33 a day for F13

Batalov 2016-10-01 03:01

[B]Happy birthday to Richard K. Guy!![/B]

If at all possible, he should double down to $40 that in the next 20 years, you know, there will be another two complete factorizations of Fermat numbers!

pinhodecarlos 2016-10-01 11:42


If you are asking how to use GMP-ECM for stage 2, I think it involves setting GmpEcmHook=1 as described in undoc.txt, and some [URL=""]discussion can be found in this thread[/URL].[/QUOTE]

I want to use 8GB of memory for stage 2, how do I set it on local.txt or prime.txt files?

ATH 2016-10-01 12:16

In local.txt:

depending on which definition of GB you mean.
(Nowadays 8 GB = 8000 MB and you have to write 8 GiB if you mean 8192MiB.)

If you want a specific worker to have 8GB you add it below all the other lines in local.txt:

[Worker #1]

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