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dave_0273 2005-05-06 08:01

Reporting Results
It appears the the manual forms are down a lot, so in light of this, I will now be emailing the results to George directly. I emailed him and he said that it was ok.

Therefore, once a week or so, I will bundle all the results together (assuming that the manual forms are down) and email them all together. This will help save George some work.

Each time you finish a block of work, try submitting it manually, if it fails, just mention it when you post your results and I will make sure that I email it off as soon as there are some other blocks to put with it.

dave_0273 2005-05-14 12:25

I just emailed some results to George. Any blocks of work where results had been submitted in the thread but didn't show up in my "status of p-1" (and therefore not in the status files) i emailed to him.

I also made a note in each thread if I emailed the results.

James Heinrich 2005-10-18 12:54

My stats site now has the ability to auto-submit results (P-1 only!), so you can save yourself wresting with the manual forms and just submit your results here:


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