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kar_bon 2019-03-04 10:38

[size=+2]Welcome to [url='']Prime-Wiki[/url].[/size]

After weeks of restoring the old pages of the MersenneWiki I now declare open the new one.

Editing in this wiki is only granted for registered users so please go [url='']here[/url] to get an account.

There's plenty of work to do but the more participants the more can be done.

Not restored from the old Wiki
- all talk pages (but available by request)
- no user pages or their talk pages
- no big data tables (will be done using files) like Cunningham, Home prime, et al.
- some images

Please read some [url='']help pages[/url] especially the [url='']wiki rules[/url].

Helping out with some topics see the [url='']What to do?[/url] thread. Most work has to be done by giving many articles the current status (sometimes oudated since 2008 or 2010).

Got any suggeestions? Please see this [url='']thread[/url] for discussion.

Problems? Look [url='']here[/url] to explain any issues with the wiki.

kar_bon 2019-03-04 10:38

So far supported numbers/primes formats with some data:

- [url='']Mersenne primes[/url] M1-M51
- [url='']Riesel primes[/url] k•2[sup]n[/sup]-1
- [url='']Genneral Riesel primes[/url] k•b[sup]n[/sup]-1 (Example: 1396•5^n-1)
- [url='']Proth primes[/url] k•2[sup]n[/sup]+1
- [url='']Genneral Proth primes[/url] k•b[sup]n[/sup]+1 (Example: 6436•5^n+1)
- [url='']Carol/Kynea primes[/url] (b[sup]n[/sup]±1)[sup]2[/sup]-2
- [url=''](generalized) Williams primes[/url] (b±1)•b[sup]n[/sup]±1
- [url=''](generalized) Woodall primes[/url] n•b[sup]n[/sup]-1
- [url=''](generalized) Cullen primes[/url] n•b[sup]n[/sup]+1
- [url='']Leyland numbers[/url]: x^y+y^x and x^y-y^x

kar_bon 2019-03-05 15:11

- Template [url='']Last update[/url]: puts a date on a page and sorts it into a [url='']hidden category[/url], to have them in focus if updating needed (for example the template "Greatest Mersenne Prime" has to be changed if a new prime was found)

- [url='']Navbox Sieving program[/url]: lists all programs and tools or links related

That handling should be used overall in the Wiki:
- A category named "Category:Sieving program" categorized in the related upper category "Software".
- The main page named the same "Sieving program" in "Category:Sieving program"
This main page holds general information, external links and the infobox (Template:Infobox Sieving program).
Every page listed in the infobox gets the same infobox at the end of the page, so all related pages are easy accessible.
For now there are many pages needed but will be added by time (help needed!).

Searching for say "sieving program" will instantly find the page (not the category) with all information.

kar_bon 2019-03-07 12:15

Main page look changed, perhaps links to "How log in" or "Help" should be there, too.

Differentiated templates for InfoBoxes (like for a Mersenne prime on top right side) and NavBoxes (like for projects on bottom of the article).

Also changed the [url='']Navbox Main[/url] for subitem handling: simple *-list as wikitext.

Extended the [url='']edit links[/url] section with internal link icons examples.

Changed most categories from plural to singular (explanation see [url='']here[/url]).

kar_bon 2019-03-09 20:55

[url='']Infobox Project[/url] with new look created, just for now only an example.

- not given paramters can be omitted in the display (so 'ended' is empty/not given -> no display)
- platform/worktype can be made categories, so every project will be sorted in that cat.

Any other parameters to collect/displayed here?

kar_bon 2019-03-11 10:20

Created template [url='']Kbn[/url] to display numbers of the form k × b[sup]n[/sup]±1 in text format without writing "[noparse][sup]n[/sup][/noparse]" every time.

Most formats like Mersenne, (gen.) Fermat, Proth, Riesel numbers are doable.
Examples are given in the template.

Other special forms as template could be generated from this.
Example: a Woodall number could be called by an own template as "{{Wo|895}}" which calls "{{Kbn|895|895}}" displayed as 895 × 2[sup]895[/sup]-1.

kar_bon 2019-03-26 11:39

I've generated some templates to display lists of primes like on my old [url='']page[/url].

For k=1 the [url='']page[/url] shows all n-values creating Mersenne primes 2^n-1 (Riesel => k*2^n-1 with k=1).
The n-values stored as a list (one value per line) in a template, comments will be generated as text-references so no colors needed.

The same could be done for Proth primes and others like Cullen/Woodall, General.Cullen/Woodall, Multifactorials, General.Fermats,...

kar_bon 2019-03-26 22:26

I've added some more k-values to the Riesel primes and the generated [url='']table[/url].

To be done:
If a k-value is reserved, the entry is handled as a Wiki-user only; this should be differentiated into user or project with link, or only user-entry if no Wiki-user exists here.

kar_bon 2019-03-29 14:38

The [url='']Template K-type[/url] is new:

- displaying the Riesel/Proth k-value type (15k, 2145k, 2805k, low Nash values, Riesel number/candidate)
- links to special Riesel/Proth type categories available

The [url='']template Riesel prime[/url] was changed:

- all categories for Riesel types are derived from values given (k-value or Nash)
- the displayed title of such page is generated (internally always "Riesel prime <k-value>")

The [url='']Riesel prime table[/url] has been extendedo:
- show the type of a k-value

So the [url='']Category Riesel prime[/url] contains:
- all Riesel type subcategories
- all Riesel k-value pages
- the gerneral page for 'Riesel prime'
- the table with all values

All this can be presented on one page like a portal:
reservations and history collected on the k-value pages, zipped sieve files as link to files (wiki or external), tools and how-to-use, external information, different projects and their results,...

sweety439 2019-03-31 03:31

Hi, why can't I find the tables for the "extended Sierpinski problem" and the "extended Riesel problem"? Also the tables for all kinds for Williams problems... (all of these tables are created by me, where are the tables now...)

kar_bon 2019-03-31 20:25

1 Attachment(s)
All of those tables where much too long.

For example there was a table for Williams primes with 8 different kinds of numbers in one table.

- unreadable
- editing is a horror (finding the right entries)
- (almost) no test limits given

Having in mind that every edit of such page (only one character is enough) will save the whole page again in the database and you edited such pages more than once (example: 2018-04-02 from 05:07 to 05:45 30 times! in 40 mins) is not acceptable anymore.
Your biggest page (Pseudoprimes of 5 different forms in one table with colors) was 3MB in size, the biggest page I've ever seen in a Wiki!
[b]Every[/b] edit will save 3MB of text in the database! The SQL dump of the whole Wiki is only 16MB in text format! At least that page could not be edited because the browser/wiki software was unable to handle this.

Big data collections are not allowed as [b]pure[/b] wiki pages, but only in file format like attachments as given on the example page or at the Cunningham project page.

I've not yet tried it for those overloaded pages because I have to evaluate first how this can be handled and find the best to keep the database fine and to keep it simple for users to edit in an easy way.

So templates have to be generated first like for the Riesel or PDF with acceptable and reliable data for storing.has to be generated.

You were blocked on OEIS and Wikipedia because of those big tables in mass with not verifyable data and restoring your deleted edits in several times.

I will not allow such behavior in this wiki and if I got time to include those pages again (in a different way) you will see them.

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